Light + Series III : Who’s Doing The Washing Up?


The Lighthouse Light + podcast series features discussions and interviews involving artists, curators and members of the Lighthouse team. They dig deep into themes of identity and belonging, the history and future of club culture, and the ability of digital technology to elicit feelings of deep and lasting empathy.

Lighthouse Curator in Residence Eva Rowson, talks to Lighthouse staff, users and artists about science fiction, collective work, ways of communicating, and reimagining the uses and workings of Lighthouse itself.

Light + Season Three features artists Aliyah Hussain, Anna Bunting Branch, Maia Urstad, Anton Kats, Jordi Ferreiro, and Andrea Francke; Marlborough Theatre Co-Artistic Director Tarik Elmoutawakil; Devils’ Dyke Network organisers Claudia Treacher and Violeta Marchenkova; and Lighthouse Head of Operations, Emma Wickham.

Episode 1

Eva Rowson, Lighthouse Curator in Residence 2019, talks to artists Aliyah Hussain and Anna Bunting Branch; Marlborough Theatre Co-Artistic Director Tarik Elmoutawakil and Devils’ Dyke Network organisers Claudia Treacher and Violeta Marchenkova about their strategies — from using science fiction to collective work — for making spaces on their own terms. They discuss how these spaces enable them to form their own rules, politics and futures, and how institutions such as Lighthouse can best support them.

Episode 2

Artists Maia Urstad and Anton Kats discuss their collaborative project MAKU, and how they explore different ways of working with radio as tools for communication, programming and listening. They reflect on their research into radio practices in Brighton, including youth-led radio station Platform B, the Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society and Patrick Murphy of the Blind Veterans UK Amateur Radio Society.

Episode 3

Cuñas, topes y sujetapuertas / doorstops, wedges and holding space. Artists Jordi Ferreiro and Andrea Francke discuss their interest in how cultural organisations can open up to include different perspectives and voices in the way they work. As Spanish is the first language of both artists, both artists experiment with translating between English and Spanish throughout the conversation.

Episode 4

There ought to be a word. Claudia Treacher and Violeta Marchenkova from Brighton-based collective Devils’ Dyke Network interview artists Anna Bunting Branch and Aliyah Hussain about their collaborative project Potential Wor(l)ds. The project uses feminist science fiction, printmaking and experimental sound-making to collectively create new words and ways of communicating.

Episode 5

Lighthouse maintenance tools. Curator Eva Rowson concludes the podcast series in conversation with Lighthouse Head of Operations, Emma Wickham. They share their favourite ‘Lighthouse maintenance tools’ to reflect on how the building works, what keeps it going – and who’s doing the washing up.

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