Lighthouse podcasts offer a deeper dive into the ideas and influences behind our work and amplify the voices of the people behind it. Listen to explore subjects as diverse as storytelling with new media; personal accounts of navigating a career in the arts sector; and how interactive technologies can help us interpret and engage with society and politics.

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SEASON 5: Collective Imaginings

Collective Imaginings is a Light+ podcast where Jamila Prowse speaks to cultural workers about their experiences of navigating the sector, and their imaginings for the future of the arts. The series will consider how these cultural contributors work to break down barriers to the arts through their own work, as well as the strategies and support systems they have personally developed for surviving in the arts.

Following on from the work of Eva Rowson, the series will act as a resource tool for independent artists and curators, as well as people considering a career in the arts, around how to make things work, challenges one might face, and how to maintain a practice in the face of adversity.

Featuring: Jamila Prowse, Lucy Lopez, Rachel Noel, Jemma Desai, Deborah Joyce Holman, and Rabz Lansiquot.

SEASON 4: Light+ Alternate Realities II

In October 2019, for the Brighton Digital Festival, Lighthouse presents selected works from the Sheffield Doc/Fest’s Alternate Realities. The exhibition at Lighthouse focusses on immersive and interactive technologies that enable us to interpret and engage with socio-political infrastructures, storytelling and the interface of physical and digital worlds. In this Light + podcast series, we talk to the creators about their work, themes of empathy and intimate encounters with people and places.

Featuring: Darren Emerson, Tea Uglow, Georgie Pinn, Alli Beddoes, Sian Habell-Ailiour, and Alternate Realities Programme Intern – Elia Habib.

SEASON 3: Light+ Who's Doing The Washing Up?

A series of podcasts documenting Curator in Residence Eva Rowson’s six month programme (January – July 2019) ‘Who’s doing the washing up – where’s the sink?’ exploring the role of hospitality at Lighthouse. Interviews draw on ideas of science-fiction, collective work, modes of communicating and re-imaginings of the uses and workings of the organisation itself.

Featuring: Aliyah Hussain, Anna Bunting Branch, Tarik Elmoutawakil, Devil's Dyke Network organisers Claudia Treacher and Violeta Marchenkova, Maia Urstad, Anton Kats, Jordi Ferreiro, Andrea Francke, and Lighthouse Head of Operations – Emma Wickham.

SEASON 2: Light+ Alternate Realities

The second season of Light + features conversations with the artists and curators behind Alternate Realities, selected works touring from Sheffield Doc/Fest, presented at Lighthouse in September 2018. Exploring the themes of borders, identity, and loss, the works each show how immersive and interactive technologies enable us to interpret and engage with socio-political infrastructures, storytelling and the interface of physical and digital worlds.

Featuring: Ifeatu Nnaobi, Asad J. Malik, John-Paul Marin from SBS Creative Digital Labs, Dan Hett, and Dan Tucker, Curator of Sheffield Doc/Fest’s Alternate Realities exhibition.

SEASON 1: Light+ Last Dance

The first season focused on Last Dance – a timely investigation into the rapid changes affecting UK club culture, led by 2017-18 Lighthouse Associate Artistic Director and influential Grime DJ and promoter Elijah.

Featuring: DJ and club culture historian Bill Brewster, Sarah Fewtrell and Marnie Hamilton from New Scenery, entrepreneur and advocate for the night-time economy Deano Jo, and madison moore, a cultural critic and creative director of OPULENCE.

About the Funders

SEASON 1: Light+ Last Dance supported by Arts Council England’s Change Makers Fund.
SEASON 2: Light+ Alternate Realities sponsored by Brilliant Noise.
SEASON 3: Light+ Who's Doing The Washing Up? supported by Re-Imagine Europe and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
SEASON 4: Light+ Alternate Realities II supported by Arts Council England.

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