Light + Series I : Last Dance, an investigation into the rapid changes affecting UK club culture


The Lighthouse Light + podcast series features discussions and interviews involving artists, curators and members of the Lighthouse team. They dig deep into themes of identity and belonging, the history and future of club culture, and the ability of digital technology to elicit feelings of deep and lasting empathy.

In this five-episodes season, Grime Producer Elijah talks to DJ and club culture historian Bill Brewster; Sarah Fewtrell & Marnie Hamilton of platform for female and non-binary DJs and producers New Scenery, and madison moore, cultural critic and Creative Director of OPULENCE.

Episode 1

To understand the future of UK club culture, it’s a good idea to look at the past. Elijah talks to DJ and club culture historian Bill Brewster about club land’s past, present and future and how we can take things forward.

Episode 2

What is a safe space for women and non-binary people and how can we work towards a safer, more inclusive future for clubbing? Elijah talks to Sarah Fewtrell and Marnie Hamilton from New Scenery, a platform for women and non-binary DJs and producers to showcase their talent.

Episode 3

Elijah talks to entrepreneur and advocate for the night-time economy Deano Jo about the DIY ethos, creating your own nights and your own labels your own way – and doing it properly.

Episode 4

Elijah talks to Madison Moore, cultural critic and creative director of OPULENCE, a London & Berlin-based art-collective and queer techno party – centring Black, brown, queer and trans bodies on the dancefloor as well as in the DJ booth.

Episode 5

This time Elijah is in the hot seat, chatting to Alli Beddoes, Artistic Director & CEO at Lighthouse about changing leadership in the arts sector, his experience as Associate Artistic Director, and the power of bringing people together in a room.


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