Image credit: still from Electric Malady (2022)
Image credit: still from Electric Malady (2022)

Nights In: Q&A with Marie Lidén

In a cosy and intimate event at Lighthouse this October, film lovers were treated to a screening of Electric Malady (2022) and a Q&A with its director, BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Marie Lidén. This feature documentary is a visually stunning and emotionally charged exploration of isolation and a family's relentless quest to save their son from the symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity.

Lidén’s return to Brighton was particularly special as she was a participant on Lighthouse’s Guiding Lights Feature Focus scheme in 2018. Mentored by Directors Peter Middleton and James Spinney (Notes on Blindness, The Real Charlie Chaplin), Marie was supported through the completion of Electric Malady, making the evening a full-circle moment.

Listen below to the illuminating Q&A with the director, Marie Lidén, who offers unique insights into the film's creation and her personal motivations for creating the documentary.

NB: Transcript to follow soon.

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