Photo credit: Nuria Castro
Photo credit: Nuria Castro

Open Sessions #15 - The Power of Failure

Audio Recording & Transcript

Couldn’t make it to our Lighthouse Open Sessions #15? Not to worry! Listen back to the session where we explored how we can better embrace failure.

Open Sessions #15 brought together a diverse panel of successful professionals from various creative fields to challenge the conventional notion of failure and its impact on artistic journeys.

Traditionally, failure has been stigmatised and viewed as something to avoid at all costs. This stigma creates a challenging environment for creatives, who often face numerous obstacles and setbacks in their careers. However, this event sought to challenge the status quo, and redefine failure as a valuable opportunity for growth and innovation.

We began with a performance from the incredible artist and rapper who is synonymous with Brighton’s hip hop scene, the one and only, Phonetic. The panel included Phonetic, alongside our host: artist manager, community worker, and Associate Producer at Lighthouse - Bobby Brown. We also had Nicholson Davids, the talented musician, DJ, and co-founder of QM Records. From Blast Theory we had cultural sector business development expert Anne Rupert, and last but not least, the all round creative and cultural powerhouse, our very own Artistic Director and CEO of Lighthouse, Alli Beddoes.

Attendees of the event were treated to a wealth of invaluable advice. The panellists discussed strategies for overcoming self-doubt, navigating setbacks, and developing a growth mindset that encourages learning from failures.

One key aspect that the event addressed was imposter syndrome, a prevalent issue among creatives. The panellists shared their personal stories of overcoming self-doubt and emphasised the importance of recognising and challenging imposter syndrome. By acknowledging that failure is not a reflection of one's worth or abilities, but rather an opportunity for growth, attendees were encouraged to embrace their own creative journeys with renewed confidence.

The event successfully challenged the prevailing narrative surrounding failure, demonstrating that setbacks and obstacles can serve as stepping stones to success. By sharing their stories of resilience and offering practical advice, the panellists provided attendees with a new perspective on failure—one that celebrates its potential for transformation and innovation.


Content information:

Please be aware this recording and transcript contain strong language throughout.

Our apologies for the poor quality of audio recording of Phonetic’s performance due to our mic levels.

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