Photo Credit: Rob Harris
Photo Credit: Rob Harris

A letter to the University of Brighton

Dear Vice Chancellor, Board of Governors and Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Science,

As CEO & Artistic Director of Lighthouse, an arts charity based in Brighton for over 35 years, I am writing to express how deeply saddened by the news that 400 academics at the University of Brighton are 'at risk,' and 100 are facing redundancy. Some of these jobs are in the Arts and Humanities, endangering many degree courses and, in some cases, entire tranches of education.

Lighthouse is a Brighton-based arts charity specialising in connecting new developments in art, technology, and society. For over 30 years, our programme has revealed new ways of presenting artists and the creative industries, how artistic work and practice can cross boundaries and disciplines and be used as a way of enhancing digital technology and its place within society.

We have worked with researchers, academics, and students of the University of Brighton for a long time, specifically through our partnership with the Digital Media Arts Masters program. It has made a major contribution to our community and to the education and development of many people over many years at the University of Brighton's School of Arts and Humanities.

We are devastated to learn that Brighton CCA will close and lose staff - it has been an integral part of Brighton & Hove's cultural offer since 2019. The programme of acclaimed artists supported students and the wider creative community with outstanding curatorial care.

These decisions would represent major losses for the city's cultural offer if these cuts go ahead. We urge you to reconsider these choices; Lighthouse fully supports striking staff and students and their campaign for alternative solutions.


Alli Beddoes

CEO & Artistic Director

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