Light + Series V : Collective Imaginings with Jamila Prowse


The Lighthouse Light + podcast series features discussions and interviews involving artists, curators and members of the Lighthouse team. They dig deep into themes of identity and belonging, the history and future of club culture, and the ability of digital technology to elicit feelings of deep and lasting empathy.

In Light + Series V: Collective Imaginings, artist Jamila Prowse chats to cultural workers about their experience of navigating the sector, and their imaginings for the future of the arts.

Setting out to act as a resource for independent artists and curators, as well as those considering a career in the arts, the series considered how these cultural contributors work to break down barriers to the arts through their own work, as well as the strategies and support systems they have personally developed for surviving in the arts.

Produced and released during the Covid-19 pandemic, the series provided a platform for dialogues around the wider precariousness of the arts, as well as how and whether artists and arts practitioners are continuing to make work and make ends meet in these increasingly uncertain times. A full transcript is available to accompany each episode.

Episode 3

Jamila is joined by curators and artists Deborah Joyce Holman and Rabz Lansiquot to discuss collectivising, care and the limits of representation.

Episode notes

Transcript: Light Collective Imaginings EP3 Transcript

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