Let's Talk Public Art: 5 Short Films

How do you feel about public art? What public art would be best for you and your community? To get people thinking and talking about these questions, we produced a series of five short films depicting conversations between artists, makers, thinkers, community workers, writers and historians from across Brighton & Hove.

The films explore five key themes: sustainability, wellbeing, connectivity, location and heritage and were commissioned as part of Brighton & Hove City Council’s 10-Year Public Art Strategy, in conjunction with Bridget Sawyers Ltd. You can read more about Lighthouse's role in the strategy consultation here.

Places & Spaces (Atif Choudhury and Matt Adams)

Heritage (Judith Ricketts and E-J Scott)

Community & Connectivity (Amartey Golding and Bobby Brown)

A Green City (Claire Potter and Amie Rae)

Wellbeing (Emma Frankland and Elsa Monteith)

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