CARNiVAL (2023)

In this workshop for people of colour, learn about the immersive technologies that are building our new realities with BRiGHTBLACK.
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Saturday 17 June & Thursday 22 - Friday 23 June 2023

Lighthouse, 28 Kensington St, Brighton, BN1 4AJ

CARNiVAL (2023)

BrightBlack presents carnival

BRiGHTBLACK will be running a free event for people of colour to play around with and understand digital creative tools for making the stories we want to, the way we want to tell them.

From live performance, film to music, video games, VR, AR, animation + more.

You don't need to know anything - just turn up and hang out.

We are sorely underepresented in the digital space. Millions of digital worlds, tools, avatars are about to be born: our ideas, our voices should be part of it.

  • We will talk, demo, play around with tech, share our thoughts and stories in a safe space.
  • If you want your say as part of a final artwork that aims to decolonise the digital space, we will be making that too. You will be specially invited to The Old Market Theatre to experience it and it will be part of an international tour.
  • Rifa Thorpe-Tracy will be running a creative meditation session.
  • Food and drink will be supplied with a chilled social space to meet people and hang out afterwards.


BRiGHTBLACK are artists Myra Appannah and Simon Wilkinson. Our work uses video game, immersive and metaverse technologies with live performance, streaming, music and visual arts.

We create artworks which invite meaningful participation towards real world outcomes on issues that matter to the lives of our communities. We are working class artists who still live in low income communities, seeking to make artworks which reach out to our people to broker a turn in their tide of their fortunes.

Our work takes a street approach; from video games and electronic music to skateboard stickers and live streaming. We combine this with a hustling mentality to break through race / gender / class / disability barriers and as a result, our work has featured at Tate Modern and toured to 36 nations on 5 continents in the past ten years.

Our partners include The Royal Shakespeare Company, The British Council, Sydney Opera House, as well as hundreds of grassroots organisations.

“One of the most influential UK immersive productions of the last 20 years” UK Research and Innovation Council

“One of the most notable names in VR” Cineuropa Magazine

“The trippy VR show that takes you to dreamland” Guardian


This event is for people of colour.

There will be a 45 min lunch break at 2pm with food and drinks provided and light snacks at 5pm (vegan + vegetarian) during the social.

Please let us know if you have any specific access needs or requirements.

Lighthouse is a fully wheelchair accessible venue. This event will be held in the ground floor, level access, reception space and the Digital Lounge downstairs, accessible via a lift. We can accommodate a maximum of two wheelchairs in the Digital Lounge at one time. For further information email info@lighthouse.org.uk or call 01273 647197.


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