Video Interview with Amartey Golding

Imagine a scenario where we suddenly have to replace the current national anthem. Who would you call?

Artist Amartey Golding speaks to us about his latest project, Anthems! Touching on his own background and feelings of exclusion from Englishness, and how the national anthem made him feel growing up, he explores how music – Reggae in particular – was a way to connect with historical learning, identity and self esteem.

With songs often the mouthpieces for silenced communities, musical heritage is an inclusive way to celebrate the multiplicity of identities that make up England. Anthems! begins with a series of conversations, gatherings, podcasts and exchanges asking: How do you approach the idea of creating anthems for a nation? Whose stories get told? Who gets to tell them?

Through ancient, obscured, new and native cultures, folk, bhangra, UK garage, pop, drum and bass, neo-soul, northern soul, trip-hop, jungle, grime and dubstep, Anthems! will begin to narrate a story of England.

From Friday 21 October onwards we are inviting you to join the conversation on socials – look out for an Instagram reel with "Add Yours" button and Twitter thread with the question.

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