Re-Imagined Residency: Polina Medvedeva and Andreas Kühne

Part of Re-Imagine Europe

March 2019


Re-Imagined Residency: Polina Medvedeva and Andreas Kühne


Artists Polina Medvedeva and Andreas Kühne used experimental documentary and improvised score to reflect on the stigma surrounding youth culture in Brighton & Hove


"The team at Lighthouse is truly committed to supporting and guiding artists and going to great lengths to help process along, create opportunities and let the work realise its full potential. We feel lucky having been able to work with them and with their help becoming connected with the communities of Brighton!" - Polina & Andreas

During their 2019 Re-Imagine Residency at Lighthouse, Russian/Dutch artist duo – filmmaker Polina Medvedeva and sound artist Andreas Kühne – researched and collaborated with young people in Brighton & Hove to create an audiovisual installation and live immersive cinematic experience that set out to challenge stigmas surrounding youth culture that you can explore by clicking the links below.

Over two week-long blocks Polina and Andreas researched the socio-economic structures and youth cultures of Brighton & Hove. Working with artists and young people from the city, they uncovered some of the social constructs and prejudices surrounding youth culture.

In their search, they encountered a thriving music scene driven by young people (with support from charities such as AudioActive) who felt alienated by UK mainstream politics and their representation in the media, and strived to create their own cultural space in the city.

Interview with Polina & Andreas

About the artists

Polina Medvedeva is a Russian-Dutch filmmaker and artist based in Amsterdam. Her work researches the notion of informality, focusing on informal economies and non-conformist communal structures, their principles influencing the aesthetics of her videos.

Medvedeva’s works have been exhibited at Stedelijk Museum; WIELS Contemporary Art Centre; Rotterdam City Theatre; Art Brussels; De Nieuwe Vide gallery and screened during IDFA Docs among others.

Website: https://www.polinamedvedeva.net/

Instagram: @p.a.medvedeva

Andreas Kühne is an improviser, sound artist, and drummer. His art practice involves creating audiovisual works and field improvisations by revealing the musical qualities of on-site inert objects with live electronic setups for real-time generation and manipulation.

He is a Master of Music graduate from the ArtEZ University of Arts, and the founder and curator of the interdisciplinary concert series RAMSES/ MPRO in Amsterdam. Recent performances include A4; Lofoten International Art Festival; Sonic Acts Festival; Inversia Festival; Overkill Festival; Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

Website: https://andreaskuhne.net/

Instagram: @andreaskuhne_


Polina Medvedeva and Andreas Kühne's Research & Development Residency (Re-Imagined Residency) is part of Re-imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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