Open Session #1: Debris Stevenson and Hugh Garry

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Wednesday 25 October 2017


Open Session #1: Debris Stevenson and Hugh Garry

At Open Sessions, speakers share their career-defining moments and advice for getting started in a creative field. It is also an opportunity to make new connections and meet like-minded people.

At the inaugural Open Session #1, Lighthouse Associate Artistic Director Elijah, was joined by Director of Storythings, Hugh Garry, and poet Debris Stevenson discussed how they got started in their selected fields, and shared their career-defining moments.


Hugh Garry

Hugh Garry, Director of Storythings, a content studio that has been helping clients build stories and engage audiences for over 20 years. Hugh was previously a senior producer at the BBC, specialising in audio and music, with extensive experience producing podcasts. Hugh has a background in the music industry and was formerly a DJ, running club nights in the UK and Ibiza.

Debris Stevenson

Debris Stevenson, poet, spoken word performer, dancer, and founder of the touring company Mouthy Poets. Beginning her career in poetry, as a way to navigate her dyslexia, Debris has been vocal about the limitations of the UK education system. Debris has been published by Louis Vuitton, Oxford University, Holland Park Press and has featured on BBC Radio’s The Verb. Touring her work across the globe, Debris is interested in how poetry can help those navigating their identity through race, education, sexuality, disability and mental health.

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