Eva Quantica

by Maf’j Alvarez.
Brighton Festival

21 - 22 May 2022

Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, BN1 4AJ

Eva Quantica

Eva Quantica

Adjust your VR headset and step inside a surrealist painting.

A dreamlike, reflective bubble of lock-down Brighton. An open world with hands for hills, a cupcake pavilion, platforms, statues, dancing figures and a glowing lifeforce surging through it all.

Self-styled technowitch and Brighton based digital artist Maf’j Alvarez brings us a different story of Eve in Paradise. Featuring the remixed choreography of Kristen McNally and music by Bunty, this one explores female power, patriarchy, immigration and obligation. As the metaverse enters the public imagination through affordable VR headsets made by big corporations, Eva Quantica asks the question of what women’s roles will be in this virtual, entangled future.

Access information

The Lighthouse building is wheelchair accessible. The exhibition is located in the Conference Room at Lighthouse. The Conference Room is located on the Ground Floor and is accessed via the front door.

More information on accessibility in the Lighthouse venue is here.



Showcased at Lighthouse in partnership with Brighton Festival.

Commissioned by the National Gallery, London, as part of National Gallery X and Audience Labs at the Royal Opera House in March 2021. Supported by King’s College London.

Inspiration from Crivelli’s Gardens, by Paula Rego and using the motion capture data of Eve, choreographed by Kristen McNally.

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