New Year 2024, Lighthouse Team Outings

As the Lighthouse team continues to grow, fostering a sense of unity is crucial. Team outings serve as a valuable opportunity to connect and step away from our screens. Our outings often revolve around exploring contemporary art exhibitions in our home, East Sussex, combining a refreshing break with a cultural experience.

At the end of last year, we took a trip to The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne, where we had the privilege of exploring the exhibitions of the four Turner Prize 2023 shortlist nominees, all for free! Nothing can prepare you for the thunderous sounds of Ghislaine Leung's fountain or the sheer scale of Barbara Walker's charcoal wall drawings depicting the people affected by the Windrush Scandal. We loved Rory Pilgrim’s film RAFTS which was shown at timed screenings and presented alongside paintings, drawings and sculptures that expanded on the themes of the film. We just wished we’d had more time to watch the whole film! Since our visit, it’s been announced Jesse Darling won the 2023 Turner Prize. His incredible sculptures made of everyday materials reflect the political instability of our times. Congratulations to Jesse! We’re thrilled we got to see the sheer scale of his work in person. All four works left a lasting impression on us as we chatted about them as a team on the train back to Brighton.

In December, we also ventured to Charleston in Lewes, as part of our festive team get-together. It’s a brand new, beautiful space with a shop, café and a free programme of co-produced community projects, artist-led workshops, gallery activities, and a learning programme. We were captivated by Jonathan Baldock's ‘through the joy of the senses’ exhibition. Baldock’s art is colourful and fully immersive. It invites the audience to use all their senses to experience it. His work is large-scale, uncanny and uses a range of materials, from flower petals to ceramics, tapestries and wicker. It is humorous in parts. It also makes reference to Lewes, the surrounding South Downs and the myths and folklores that are part of its vibrant history.

These cultural outings not only enrich our team's experiences but also contribute to the local art scene. Eastbourne has seen an increasing number of visitors due to the Turner Prize, bringing with it more money and opportunities to the local area. A thriving art scene not only enhances a community but also signals the effectiveness of these public spaces, which in the long run could mean more funding directed back into public art spaces and the cultural sector.

The free exhibitions at Towner Eastbourne and Charleston are both open until Spring 2024. We highly recommend you pay them a visit; maybe even make a day of it? Take a break from your daily routine and immerse yourself in the world of art.

Looking ahead to the New Year 2024, we're excited about planning more team outings that combine camaraderie with cultural enrichment. Stay tuned!

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