Pier - Artists in Residence (2020)

Three-week residency programme hosted by Lighthouse.
Part of Re-Imagine Europe

25 August - 15 September 2020

Pier - Artists in Residence (2020)

PIER - Artists in Residence, 2020



Amaal Said

artist in photography, poetry, video


Amaal Said is a Danish-born Somali photographer, and poet, based in London. Her photographs have been featured in Vogue, The Guardian and The New York Times. She is concerned with storytelling and how best she can connect with people to document their stories. She won Wasafiri Magazine’s New Writing Prize for poetry in 2015. In 2017, she was exhibited in Los Angeles, California. In 2018, her photography was featured in the fourth volume of African Lens and was exhibited in Accra, Ghana. She is a member of Octavia, poetry collective for womxn of colour, and is a former Barbican Young Poet.

Read more: Amaal's website.

Pier Residency

"I want to work on a poetry and photography project about mental health and intergenerational trauma and what it’s like not having the language for it in my family. The work will concern family in both Kenya and United Kingdom and hopes to capture a conversation that occurs across this distance about mental health. I want to work on 3-4 poems about my own experience and the experiences of my family members and to also work on photographing them."

Simone Carty

artist in music, sound design, video


Simone Carty is a 28 year old music producer, sound designer & filmmaker. Her background is in the music production industry, previously working in the management team at Europe's leading recording equipment specialist. She is a singer and guitarist, graduating with a degree in contemporary music performance from the University of Westminster and her music has been playlisted on Spotify.

Read more: Simone's website.

Pier Residency

"I wish to craft a self-produced 3 track EP utilising my skills with film and sound design to tell a story about my personal journey towards self-love.

The sound design and visuals will be entwined with songs performed by me. The sounds will be a mix of abstract, dreamy and ethereal sound bites with foley. The visuals, as well as creating a sensorial experience through merging sound and visuals together, will also depict the lyrical storyline of each song and journal entry. All art forms will work with each other and be a fluid performance."

Munotida Chinyanga

anti-disciplinary artist


Munotida Chinyanga is an anti-disciplinary practitioner creating work through Direction, Sound Design and International Collaboration. Her practise explores how theatre/ performance and sonic art can facilitate the making or bringing together of a community, especially in environments that do not have a constant connection to the arts. This includes working on ways we can mediate dialogue that is cross cultural for audiences. In 2019, Munotida was assistant director to Kwame Kwei-Armah on Tree, an immersive theatrical experience created with Idris Elba, premiering at Manchester’s International Festival and then performed at the Young Vic theatre.

Munotida has directed productions and delivered masterclasses at Teatro India, The National Theatre of Rome and Teatro di Akrai, The National Institute of Ancient Drama, Sicily.

Read more: Munotida's website.

Pier Residency

"I want to investigate ways in which digital technology, social media and sound can support cross-cultural dialogue and the making of new communities, right from your computer across Europe. How can we facilitate conversation between strangers?

I propose creating interactive performance that takes place on an online platform, in which I facilitate conversations/ dialogues between strangers using a similar structure to that of Netflix show ‘Love is Blind’. However this is not with the purpose to find love but to connect and share with people you may not encounter with in your everyday. This will experiment with digital technology, and headphone art.”


Along the UK coastline, our Piers stand as poignant structures that are representative of the complex tidal pulls of history and economics. Today, the UK is in a state of reinvention, with new politics, geographies, and identities being created. New neighbourhoods are emerging or being rediscovered, while others are disappearing entirely. To address our changing relationship to Europe and the current reinterpretation of what a border is, Lighthouse has developed ‘Pier, a residency’ which will result in new work which we hope will form part of our wider Pier-to-Pier programme for 2021.

Lighthouse are committed to supporting artists in receiving paid opportunities to continue working during the difficult circumstances around the COVID-19 outbreak. ​

Through an open call for proposals from Black artists, Lighthouse programme team and our previous Associate Artistic Director and current board member, Elijah, selected three artists who will use this three-week residency to expand their practice and develop new ideas and methodologies.

As part of our Re-Imagine Europe Programme, the residency strives to enable flexible working practices, to provide artists with a platform that fits around their other commitments.

Pier Residency is part of Re-Imagine Europe, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Re-Imagine Europe is initiated by Sonic Acts (NL) and coordinated by Paradiso (NL) in collaboration with Elevate Festival (AT), Lighthouse (UK), Ina GRM (FR), Landmark / Bergen Kunsthall (NO), A4 (SK), Disruption Network Lab (DE), Ràdio Web MACBA (ES), Urban Paradoxes (NL) and Kontejner (HR).

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