Launch Programme for Dreamy Place, Brighton

Welcoming Dreamy Place to Brighton with an immersive all-day programme at Fabrica

Thursday 19th October - Friday 20th October 2023, Doors: 12:30PM-01:00AM


'Pay as you feel’ options
Launch Programme for Dreamy Place, Brighton

On 19 October - 20 October 2023, Lighthouse launches the Brighton edition of Dreamy Place with an immersive all-day event at Fabrica.

A new-branded iteration of Brighton Digital Festival, Dreamy Place is a seven-day programme of art, creative tech and digital culture taking place in Brighton & Hove and Crawley. New directors videoclub, will produce the community-led festival showcasing world-renowned artists and installations alongside local creative talent and interactive events. Lighthouse’s launch programme for Brighton, hands over the directorship for new plans and possibilities.

With support from Arts Council England and Brandwatch, our Lighthouse Young Creatives and our host partners, Fabrica, the Dreamy Place Launch programme will be a day and night of top-tier talent showcasing digital art, live music, comedy, DJ sets and panel talks, culminating in an immersive club night.

The eott market stalls and our in-house bar will open throughout the launch programme.

* Feeling generous? Feeling the pinch? We are pleased to be able to offer ‘pay as you feel’ options for most performances in our Launch Programme. *

See the full lineup below.

Whose Anthem Is It Anyway?

One of the most unique, interactive and must-see performances to come out of Brighton in recent years, Whose Anthem Is It Anyway? is the creation of artist Amartey Golding.

Addressing the national identity crisis that many in the country - and in the room - will be able to relate to, this raucous event will improvise, working with the audience and technology to create a ‘new national anthem.’ Can comedian Charlie George find a way to bring the room, if not the nation, together to create a song that represents what we’re really about?

Matinée Performance
Doors Open: 12.30 PM
Show Starts: 1.00 PM
Show Ends: 2.00 PM

Evening Performance
Doors Open: 6.00PM
Show Starts: 6.30 PM
Show Ends: 7.30 PM

Lightworks with eott (featuring Lighthouse Young Creatives)

eott 1

Sitting somewhere between Stussy and Mind, eott is a Brighton-based mental health project with a growing, devoted following - and deservedly so. Their mission is to normalise the conversation around our minds, raising awareness and funds for good causes through the curation of relative means such as fashion, visual arts and words.

Expect all of the above in our Dreamy Place Launch programme, with a panel talk and trade show-style layout of friends, collaborators and Lighthouse Young Creatives.

Time: 2.30 - 5.30 pm

Who Is Still Dreaming? Tarik Elmoutawakil

Tariq Elmotawakil

'Who is Still Dreaming,' exists in a liminal space between raving and resting, where the dancefloor becomes a portal to the subconscious, soundtracked by a woozy fusion of psychedelic tech and affected EDM.

For one night only, Fabrica Gallery transforms into a fleeting dream, with beats that pulse and thrum like the heart of the night and melodies that meander like a wisp of dreamy fog, you'll find yourself in a realm of pure ethereality. Shadows morph and dance with you, salt lamps cast an incandescent spell, and UV light reveals the secrets of this liminal space.

Who Is Still Dreaming? Is brought to you by local arts producer, creative community organiser and artist Tarik Elmotawakil, (Marlborough Productions/ Brownton Abbey/ Radical Rhizomes). Co-produced by installation artist Thomas Buckley.

No ordinary dance.

Time: 8 - 11 pm

Martin Goya Business DJs (GUAN and Limbo Limbs)

Martin Goya Business DJs

Martin Goya Business is a dynamic, non-profit experimental art platform founded in Hangzhou, China. Travelling 5,756 miles to be at Fabrica on 19 October, their DJs and producers GUAN and Limbo Limbs will take the party into the early hours.

Expect multi-genre selections that go from traditional Chinese music to dancefloor-shifting sonics, paired with stunning visuals from a host of China’s most talented young digital designers.

Time: 11 pm - 1 am



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