El Niño Exhibition

Group exhibition curated by MARTIN GOYA BUSINESS & V33N0 for Dreamy Place at Lighthouse

Friday 20th October - Sunday 22nd October 2023, Doors: 12:00PM-6:00PM.


El Niño Exhibition

Join us at Lighthouse on Friday 20 October - Sunday 22 October 2023 for an unforgettable exhibition of films specially curated for Dreamy Place.

This is a group exhibition featuring films by artists CHILLCHILL, GUAN, LazyBackHome, Uan and Zhu Jinkun which will surprise, challenge and consume viewers.

About the artists in the exhibition:

CHILLCHILL is an artist whose art practice revolves around urban life, third world and subculture. He uses his unique sense of humour to mix the virtual world and the real world he lives in. He mentions his work as a “stand-up show about realism”. He works on 3D rendered moving images and live performances with real- time rendering by game engines.

GUAN (Guan Boyang) is an electronic music producer and digital media artist from Hangzhou. He is currently signed under the Modern Sky label and has established himself firmly in the Chinese music scene with his unique digital dystopian aesthetics. Graduating from the China Academy of Art, he has developed his own distinctive approach to sound and other mediums, critically examining the relationship between humans and technology in digital society.

LazyBackHome attempts to deconstruct these observations and visually represent the fragmented nature of the information era through collage. Her work delves into the triangular relationship among media, authority, and individuals, deeply embedded in the context of the internet society. She has shown work at The Wrong Digital Art Biennale, Florence Biennale, OTA FINE ART Gallery, Ars Electronica’s “Yami-Ichi,” and Venice Biennale. In 2023, she conducted a residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai.

Uan is an independent artist, mainly using installation, moving images and performance as creative media, engaged in art and fashion for about 10 years, and now lives in Shanghai. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins Womenswear, She worked as an art director for various media and brands, stages and videos, T Magazine, VOGUE, Bazaar fashion, Instyle, GQ etc. Meanwhile, she is active as a visual artist, installation maker and performer in art exhibitions, club culture, fashion shows and other multi-dimensional stages.

Zhu Jinkun focuses on the complex network society, reveals the halo under the authority of media and technology, and responds to or subverts reality with the weirdness in it. In the context of the global Internet, the boundaries of identity, community, and culture have melted and broken, and the contradictions and conflicts born when this knot was opened are staged in turn between reality and fiction.

This collection of films by Chinese artists has been curated by Hangzhou’s artists’ agency Martin Goya Business.

Image Credit: LazyBackHome, still from Ever Since We Live.

Audience type / suitability:
Adults / 18+Adults and young people (14+)


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