Ancestral Wisdom

Interactive Installation by Ifeatu Nnaobi
Brighton Digital Festival

1 - 7 November 2021

Lighthouse, Brighton

Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral Wisdom - Ask an Ancestor

Ifeatu Nnaobi’s interactive installation Ancestral Wisdom – Ask an Ancestor invokes deeper questions of heritage and connection for Black and People of Colour living in the diaspora. Participants can engage in the project by verbally asking a question to a customised Artificial Intelligence platform.

The aim of this project was to provoke thinking about how we exist as part of families (biological or chosen) and communities (local or global).

Audiences speak to a little box asking it a question that they wish they could ask one of their ancestors. In return, they hear a pre-recorded response of an elder speaking about a question that they wish they could ask their own ancestor and why. The participants can repeat the experience as many times as they like.


Ancestral Wisdom has been produced by Lighthouse and commissioned through Digital Democracies, a two-year programme led by Threshold Studios and supported by Arts Council England.

Digital Democracies connects three UK-based commissioning festivals, Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture (produced by Threshold Studios), Freedom Festival (produced by Freedom Festival Arts Trust) and Brighton Digital Festival (directed by Lighthouse).

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