Each mentee is matched with a leading film industry professional who provides advice and guidance over a 9-month period. Previous Guiding Lights mentors include Danny Boyle, Barbara Broccoli, Sam Mendes, Alison Owen, Alex Garland, Nira Park, Joanna Hogg, Paul Greengrass, Abi Morgan, Kenneth Branagh and many more.

The matching process is done in consultation with the participants, and carefully considered to try and achieve the best possible outcomes. Each mentorship is different, so the aim is to find a mentor who is well placed to help with the specific challenges their mentee faces in their creative and professional development.

The Guiding Lights management team are responsible for approaching prospective mentors on behalf of all participants. Mentors and mentees are introduced once we have confirmation that both parties are happy to proceed.

Once a match is confirmed, mentees are responsible for driving the mentorship and maintaining contact with their mentor. Participants are given advice and guidance about the challenges they are likely to encounter when working with a busy mentor during the Induction Day (see Training).



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