Guiding Lights 8 Mentees
Guiding Lights 8 Mentees

Inclusion & Accessibility

Best practice guidance

During the eighth edition of Guiding Lights, with additional support from Creative Skillset, we were able to support two learning disabled participants, Matthew Hellett and Becky Bruzas, on the scheme. Both are members of the Oska Bright Film Festival production team, Becky is Festival Director and Matthew is Lead Programmer. Oska Bright Film Festival is a world-class leading light in learning disability film exhibition.

We worked with delivery partners Carousel to document and evaluate the experience of making Guiding Lights more accessible and inclusive.

The report examines the practicalities and challenges faced in delivering the scheme when working with a mixed ability group. We worked with external assessors Lucy Jefferies and Tony Levitan of Quiet Down There, who are expert consultants with experience of working within and around disability arts. They contacted the mentees independently, collected data anonymously, and conducted interviews with the key contributors – including a focus group with Lighthouse and Carousel staff, and interviews with Becky and Matthew’s mentors – to feed into their evaluation report.

Based on these findings, we’ve produced a best-practice guide, which contains a toolkit and other practical guidance

Download the toolkit here.



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