Guiding Lights 3 Mentees, Photograph © Bip Mistry
Guiding Lights 3 Mentees, Photograph © Bip Mistry

Guiding Lights 3



David Alexander – mentor: Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland, Touching the Void)
Ian Clark – mentor: Christopher Smith (Creep, Triangle)
Vesna Cudic – mentor: Roger Michell (Notting Hill, Hyde Park on Hudson)
Gaëlle Denis – mentor: Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Four Weddings and a Funeral)
Tina Gharavi – mentor: Beeban Kidron (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Amy Foster)
Richard Lawson – mentor: Justin Chadwick (The Other Boleyn Girl, Bleak House)
Omelihu Nwanguma – mentor: Stephen Frears (Philomena, The Queen)
Martin Stitt – mentor: Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Skyfall)
Emma Sullivan – mentor: John Hillcoat (The Road, The Proposition)
Duska Zagorac – mentor: Oliver Parker (Johnny English Reborn, St Trinians)


Hajdana Baletic – mentor: Nick Hornby (About a Boy, Wild)
Suhayla El-Bushra – mentor: Christopher Hampton (Atonement, Dangerous Liaisons)
Neth Knowles – mentor: Alex Garland (Ex Machina, 28 Days Later)
Stewart Thomson – mentor: John Hodge (Trainspotting, The Beach)


Nicky Bentham – mentor: Barbara Broccoli (Skyfall, Spectre)
Natasha Carlish – mentor: Stephen Woolley (Interview with a Vampire, Carol)
Gael McLaughlin – mentor: Iain Smith (Mad Max: Fury Road, Children of Men)
Enrico Tessarin – mentor: Allan Niblo (Thor, Mamma Mia)
Purnima Ramadorai – mentor: Elizabeth Karlsen (Eastern Promises, A History of Violence)


Sarah Bartles-Smith – mentor: Oliver Stapleton (The Proposal, Unthinkable)
Jaime Feliu-Torres – mentor: John Mathieson (Gladiator, Hannibal)
Taina Galis – mentor: Peter Suschitzky (Eastern Promises, Mars Attacks!)
Suzie Lavelle – mentor: Haris Zambarloukos (Thor, Mamma Mia!)

Business Professionals

Nadia Denton – mentor: Eddie Berg (Creative Consultant and Ex Director of BFI Southbank)
Tamara Van Strijthem – mentor: Sandra Hebron (Freelance Consultant and Ex Head of BFI Festivals and Artistic Director, BFI London Film Festival)

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