Guiding Lights 8 mentee – Baff Akoto. Photo by Roberta Matis
Guiding Lights 8 mentee – Baff Akoto. Photo by Roberta Matis

Baff Akoto – Director

Baff crafts kinetic, visual stories anchored by the emotional truths of his characters. Coming from a news and documentary background, he retains a realist’s eye as a scripted narrative director, and is drawn to characters who wrestle with notions of identity and (self)perceptions.

Raised in London and Accra, Baff left school at 18 and found filmmaking as a framework to begin making sense of the world. He spent three years honing his visual, cinematic and narrative instincts making the feature documentary Football Fables, described as “A fascinating and provocative film” by Screen Daily and “An insightful… sobering journey through a multi-billion dollar industry” by Empire.

The following year he directed the short film Home, produced through Channel 4’s Coming Up scheme, written by DC Moore, and starring Johnny Harris and Lorraine Stanley. Home premiered at the 2011 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Baff was selected to participate in Berlinale Talents 2016 and Guiding Lights will help continue his emergence as a cinematic storyteller of character-driven, visceral, long-form narratives for global audiences.



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