ASA – Arte Sonica Amplificada

Mentorship programme in Brazil designed by Lighthouse.

August 2019 - March 2020

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ASA – Arte Sonica Amplificada



Project: "Arte Sonica Amplificada" or "ASA"

Year: 2019-2020

Produced and designed by Lighthouse, in partnership with the British Council, Oi Futuro and shesaid.so.

Outcome: A seven-months programme of mentoring that includes masterclasses and workshops led by UK and Brazilian professionals.

About the project

ASA is a programme produced in collaboration by Lighthouse, the British Council, Oi Futuro and shesaid.so. As one of two UK partners on the project, Lighthouse has been instrumental in the design of ASA. Incorporating mentoring and aimed at sound and music practitioners, the programme has been heavily informed by The Sound of Story and Guiding Lights, two of our development initiatives aimed at emerging talent.

ASA aims to:

• Support the development of new and existing skills in creative practice and entrepreneurship
• Offer participants the space to explore and plan their career progression
• Develop a creative community and networks to support peer learning and collaboration
• Strengthen the profile of women working within the sector, and open up new opportunities.

Second Edition (2019-2020)

In 2019, ASA is again working with 50 women, drawn from a broad spectrum of music and sound practice, from composers and musicians to audio engineers, sound artists and designers. The participants are taking part in a seven-month programme that includes masterclasses and workshops led by UK and Brazilian professionals covering topics such as: music and sound production, audio storytelling, career planning, developing a personal brand, studio and field recording, and sound engineering.

Throughout the programme, the participants receive creative mentorship and access to Oi Futuro’s Labsonica, a creative studio and co-working space which acts as a hub for the ASA community.

The second edition of the programme launched in August 2019 and runs until March 2020, and will also reach beyond Rio de Janeiro, with some additional activities taking place in São Paulo and Recife.

Speakers from Second Edition

Amelia Kallman (UK)

Natalie Sharp (UK)

DJ Tamy (BRA)

Anna Bertmark (UK)

Valentina Magaletti (UK)

Guta Roim (BRA)

Rebecca Parnell (UK)

Nainita Desai (UK)


Anna Sulley (UK)

Vivian Caccuri (BRA)

Lucy Harrison (UK)

Cookie Pryce (UK)

Letrux (BRA)

Beatrice Dillon (UK)

Pilot Edition (2018-2019)

ASA was initially piloted in 2018, responding to the under-representation of women in the fields of music, sound and associated technologies. A public call-out for applications attracted over 250 submissions and significant attention on social media, demonstrating a strong demand for a programme of this type. During the pilot, the participants worked with mentors including Cathy FitzGerald (audio documentary producer), Ain Bailey (DJ and sound artist), Vanesa Lorena Tate (film/games sound designer and composer), and Hannah Catherine Jones (artist and multi-instrumentalist).

About the partners

British Council contributes to the development of Brazilian creative industries, exchanging and showcasing quality Brazilian and UK artistic content and providing skills training.

Oi Futuro is Oi’s institute for innovation and creativity, promoting Education, Culture, Social Innovation and Sports to improve people’s lives and transform society. The institute propels collaborative and innovative initiatives, fosters experimentation, and stimulates connections that enhance personal and collective development.

London-based, shesaid.so is a network of women who work in the music industry. The organisation was founded in 2014 and it aims to create an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and positive values.

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