Philo, in the Lighthouse studio February 2014
Philo, in the Lighthouse studio February 2014

Philo van Kemenade


February 2014 – Present

Philo van Kemenade works with data and video to construct stories that are born on the web. Together with Gilles Pradeau he initiated Popathon, a series of participatory hack events that bring together storytellers, designers and coders in multi-disciplinary experimentation, to invent new ways of telling interactive stories. Lighthouse will be working with Philo to produce more Popathons in the UK later this year.

While in the studio, Philo was developing technical infrastrucure for Storygami, a startup developing a new platform for authoring, viewing and analysing interactive web-based video. He also worked with fellow resident Joe Tunmer, and the Lighthouse team, to help develop our forthcoming cross-discipline, professional development programme for film makers.



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