Mark, in the studio in 2014
Mark, in the studio in 2014

Mark Simpkins


October 2013 – January 2014

Mark Simpkins is a research fellow at Central Saint Martins, and a practicing digital artist. During his residency with Lighthouse, Mark looked at ways in which design influences our attitudes to surveillance. His work included the conception of the first prototype of his sound piece with Cathal Coughlan, Palindrone, that responds to US drone strikes reported on the twitter account, @dronestream. Talking about the inspiration behind that project, Mark said:

‘I remembered a story about the psychological effect the drones were having, specifically on the children. They wouldn’t sleep, afraid of the drone in the distance. The drone was a terrorising object, above communities it installed a state of control where activity had to be curtailed, self censored for fear that it might ‘attract the attention of a drone’.’

While at Lighthouse Studio, Mark was also asked to curate and create installations for our live launch event of our BFI Short SLR, surrounding ideas of online and offline surveillance.

Natalie Kane talked to Mark about his time in the studio, working with other residents, and his future plans over on the Lighthouse blog.



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