Georgina, in the studio in 2014
Georgina, in the studio in 2014

Georgina Voss


February 2014 – Present

Georgina Voss is a researcher and writer, whose projects address the politics of technology and engineering; grassroots communities and practices; and hidden and deviant labour. She holds a doctorate from the Science and Technology Policy Research Unit, Sussex University, and was co-author of the ‘Better Made Up’ report from NESTA which examined the co-influence of science fiction and innovation.

Georgina gave our monthly talk in March, taking us on a far-reaching exploration of global supply chains, the people and processes behind our consumer products, and how all these things might be affected by changing economic and environmental conditions.

And she’s extended her first residency to take on a new research project that looks at grassroots innovation in healthcare, funded by a NESTA Policy & Research Small Grant, This project was co-developed by Lighthouse Studio, and we’re very pleased to support it as our first externally-funded residency, bringing new sources of investment into the studio.

The project asks: what could digital fabrication and hyper-local manufacturing offer to the provision of sexual healthcare? Georgina is developing speculative scenarios around these technologies, framed as stories and policy reports. They consider the technologies and services which could be developed; contexts in which they would be delivered; and associated social, economic and policy issues which could emerge.



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