Video Sniffin#1: the Commercial by David Valentine/Mediashed
Video Sniffin#1: the Commercial by David Valentine/Mediashed



See how artists are re-defining surveillance technology and using these devices to create works of art

Surveillance technologies surround us - in CCTV, on the web, in our phones. Can we turn these technologies on themselves? Can we subvert and play with them, turning them into devices to make art and film from? How can we create devices that render surveillance technology useless?

iSee By Institute of Applied Autonomy
iSee By Institute of Applied Autonomy

Subveillance was a unique screening event at Lighthouse. A dynamic series of short films, saw how artists have turned surveillance on its head – by turning CCTV cameras into filmmaking equipment, making anti-surveillance devices, and turning online surveillance technologies into subversive games and art-making tools.

The screening was part of White Night 2011, the city’s annual all-night arts festival themed around Utopias. Subveilance joined more than 60 unique and extraordinary ‘one night only’ cultural events that took place across Brighton, in cultural venues, cafes, parks, squares, streets, pop up spaces, sporting facilities, and on people’s smart phones and iPods.

Artists in the subveillance programme:
Les Liens Invisibles – an imaginary italy-based duo comprised of Clemete Pestelli and Gionatan Quintini
Paolo Cirio – a media artist that has worked in various fields from net-art to software art and experimental storytelling
Alessandro Ludovico – editor in chief at
David Valentine – a Writer, Director and Filmmaker interested in the way technology affects society and human behaviour

Date: Saturday 29 October 2011

Times: 6pm – 2am

Venue: Lighthouse

Tickets: Free

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