Harry Brignull, one of the speakers at UX Brighton
Harry Brignull, one of the speakers at UX Brighton


13 March 2012

A series of talks exploring various aspects of user experience design, featuring Lee Mclvor, Harry Brignull, Rob Gillham & GiGi Demming.

Lighthouse was pleased to be host another UX Brighton meet-up, exploring user interaction in digital design and culture. The evening featured four talks:

Talk 1: Lee McIvor – How Cognitive Psychology Impacts Design

There’s a gap between what we think we’ve seen, heard or remembered, and what actually took place. Our brain is constantly interpreting our surroundings to make sense of what we perceive, and it affects our understanding of the world around us.

Lee is going to describe some of these perceptual gaps and how they we can use this knowledge to design better interfaces.

Talk 2: Harry Brignull – “Transitioning The Week Magazine’s Reading Experience from Print to iPad.”

The Week is the UK’s most popular weekly subscription magazine, with over 180,000 subscribers. It was started back in the mid ‘90s as an antidote to the feeling of “too much information” that readers got from all the unwieldy, dense broadsheets on the market at the time. Since then the World Wide Web appeared, sending many print publications into a downward spiral. The Week is one of the few publications to buck this trend – actually growing in popularity every consecutive year since its launch.

Dennis Publishing knew they had a winning formula for The Week magazine, and they wanted to be certain that none of the magic was lost in translation when they created the iPad edition. This is where we came in – kicking off a project with numerous UX research and design iterations. This talk will give you some insights into the challenges faced and the lessons learned in the process.

Talk 3: Rob Gillham – The challenges of B2B User Experience Design

This talk will be able designing for user experiences where the user is not a consumer, but a person doing a job within a complex ecosystem of other people in a big organisation.

Talk 4: GiGi Demming – “Unique Challenges of Commercial Games Testing.”

User research for games is a very fun, young and extremely challenging area of UX. It’s often tricky balancing more traditional usability standards for testing with the need to ensure a game is still ‘fun’. On top of that you have to contend with a fast moving industry where code can drastically change on a daily basis, potentially rendering your findings redundant before you’ve even finished testing. This talk is therefore designed for 2 purposes:

- To provide an overview of how to approach commercial games testing for anyone with a professional interest in games research.

- To provide tips on how to be a more effective and efficient consultant/researcher, regardless of platform, based on the fast moving pace of the games industry.

Date: Tuesday 13 March 2012

Times: 7pm – 9:30pm

Venue: Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ

Booking: uxbrighton.eventwax.com/ux-brighton-march-2012



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