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A major part of Lighthouse’s work at Brighton Digital Festival this year was centred on the work of game designers and artists, Hide&Seek. We brought Hide&Seek’s Tiny Games - games designed on digital networks, that are located in urban space - to Brighton.

One of Hide&Seek's Tiny Games
One of Hide&Seek's Tiny Games

05.09.13: The Argus report on Tiny Games

A selection of Tiny Games were positioned in outdoor locations in central Brighton, close to some of the festival’s key venues and locations. We also worked with Hide&Seek on our education programme as part of the Game Jam, and on the major event, Digital Late, at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

Tiny Games are a collection of very small, very quick-to-understand games. They’re able to sit in the real world, inviting participation from any interested passer-by. Their rules can be summarised in just a couple of sentences. They sprang initially from two conceptual challenges: was it possible to fit a complete game into the 140 characters allowed by Twitter? And what sort of game could we make for an outdoors space that could run over the course of a month with no moderation, and no equipment provided on-site?

Tiny Games began life at the Southbank Centre in 2011, and in the spirit of the “big” games in London in 2012, Hide & Seek created 99 wee-tiny games and stuck them all over the city, transforming buildings, sidewalks, tube stations and more into impromptu game sites. The rules were all quick and simple and each game took almost no time to play – anyone could play, anytime they wanted. Players were tested on everything from wits to creativity to cooperation to determination, all within immediate reach of their home, workplace, or favourite pub.

About the artists

Hide&Seek is a design studio working at the point where games meet culture. They passionate about the potential of games. Hide&Seek started life in 2007 as a festival of social games and playful experiences on London’s South Bank. Their aim was to create an environment where anyone who wanted to could experiment with making games, and where adults were invited to play together in public. The festival was transformative for the team, and so the studio was born. In the last five years, they have worked with a wildly diverse range of cultural and digital partners. They have made an iOS arcade game for the Royal Opera House, consulted on gamification for clients such as eBay, Cadbury and the BBC, produced transmedia projects for Warner Bros., Wieden & Kennedy and Film4, and made their own games like the Boardgame Remix Kit, and Searchlight.

Tiny Games were sited in the centre of Brighton from 01 September – 06 October 2013.

See the games being played here:

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Tiny Games For Brighton is part of Brighton Digital Festival 2013. It is run by members of Brighton’s arts and digital communities, administered by Wired Sussex in association with Lighthouse and supported by Arts Council England and Brighton & Hove City Council. Thanks to Brighton Dome for their support with Tiny Games For Brighton.

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