The Sound of Story @ Rewire 2017
The Sound of Story @ Rewire 2017


An Exploration of Sound and Music in Games

1-2 APRIL 2017


The Sound of Story returns to Rewire Festival, in the Hague, with a special video games edition, presenting leading music and sound practitioners working in the indie and AAA sectors.

Exploring topics such as writing interactive scores, designing sound for immersive environments and working with procedural audio, this is an exciting opportunity to learn about the creative and technical processes behind innovative sound in games. Illustrated with clips, case-studies and anecdotes, The Sound of Story is a must for students, sound professionals, gamers, and music producers alike.

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Saturday 1 April: Talks – John Broomhall, Adele Cutting, David Housden, SØS Gunver Ryber. After the talks, the speakers will discuss creating powerful and innovative audio for games.
Sunday 2 April: Masterclass – Paul Weir: Designing Sound for No Man’s Sky


Selected clients & credits: Sony PlayStation / Microsoft / Forza Motorsport / XCom / Transport Tycoon / Guitar Hero DLC / American Idol

John Broomhall is an acclaimed game music and sound creative, senior game development manager and commentator, with dozens of credits variously as composer/producer, audio director/consultant, sound effects designer and voice director. His prolific career encompasses such iconic titles as Forza Motorsport, XCom, Transport Tycoon, Guitar Hero DLC, and American Idol and prestigious clients, Microsoft and Sony PlayStation. In 2009 he received a Recognition Award by the Game Audio Network Guild of America, and in 2013 co-founded Game Music Connect, to celebrate and explore the music of video games and the extraordinary talent behind it.

TALK: Broomhall will discuss game audio’s history, development and future directions, exploring what game sound can learn from its own evolution and from storytelling film sound.


Selected clients & credits: EA / Microsoft / Gamesys / Nickelodeon / the Harry Potter franchise / Sim City / Shadow of the Beast

Adele Cutting is a BAFTA award-winning audio professional working in the games industry. After fifteen years as the Senior Audio Director of Electronic Arts, working on blockbuster titles including the Harry Potter franchise, she formed audio production company, SoundCuts, working with clients Microsoft, Gamesys and Nickelodeon on projects across a range of gaming platforms, from mobile to VR. SoundCuts was a finalist in the 2015 and 2016 Develop Awards for Audio Outsourcing, and the TIGA 2016 awards in the Audio Supplier category. Photo: Shadow of the Beast © 2016 Sony Computer Entertainment. Developed by Heavy Spectrum Ltd.

TALK: Drawing on her many years of experience, Cutting will discuss the creative considerations and challenges of working on different types of projects, and at varying budget levels.


Selected clients & credits: Bossa Studio / PlayStation Home / Thomas was Alone / Volume / Monstermind

Award-winning, BAFTA nominated composer David Housden is best known for his collaborations with visionary game developer Mike Bithell, including on his latest opus Volume, a sci-fi re-imagining of the Robin Hood mythology. Housden creates melodic, original music scores that illuminate imaginary worlds with real emotion and immersion, and was instrumental in helping to bring to life 2D shapes with character and personality on Bithell’s indie hit Thomas Was Alone. Other projects include Bossa Studio’s BAFTA award-winning Monstermind and Sony’s virtual world, PlayStation Home.

TALK: Housden will discuss his approach to composing, the interactive nature of music, and his journey from playing in a garage rock band to working in games.


Selected credits: Inside / THOTH

Danish sound artist and composer SØS Gunver Ryberg has a broad background in performance and production that encompasses multichannel installations, live concerts, performance art, video games, and much more. Through her award-winning, often site-specific work, she seeks to explore the potential of the acoustic space, and mix new forms of expression and new media. Her commissions for theatre have included original scores for the Luzerne Theatre in Switzerland and Deutsche Theatre in Berlin. In 2016, she released her debut EP, AFTRYK, which is nominated for several prizes. For video games, Ryberg has created music and sound design for two acclaimed indie productions: the multiple award-winning INSIDE, which she worked on with Martin Stig Andersen; and, as part of SGR^CAV, a collaboration with Cristian Vogel, for twin-stick shooter game THOTH.

TALK: Ahead of her Rewire performance, SØS Gunver Ryberg will join the other speakers to discuss creating powerful and innovative audio for games.


Selected clients & credits: Hello Games / Microsoft / No Man’s Sky / Lego City Undercover / Strike Suite Zero

Paul Weir is a composer, sound designer and audio director whose work can be heard in dozens of games and in sound installations across the world. He’s the Audio Director for Hello Games, creators of the innovative sci-fi game No Man’s Sky, and for Microsoft’s Lift London studio, where he works on HoloLens AR projects. With more than forty game credits, Weir has worked in all aspects of game audio production through his company Earcom, on projects including Strike Suite Zero, Lego City Undercover, and Discworld Noir. Whilst not a programmer, Weir frequently works closely with software engineers to create bespoke audio tools for his projects, including a procedural vocal tract plugin and generative music system for No Man’s Sky.

Paul also works with The Sound Agency, where they sound design for retail space, regularly lectures at Berlin Loop and Sonar+, and runs a game audio workshop at Aalto University in Helsinki.

MASTERCLASS: Using No Man’s Sky as a case-study, Weir will discuss the process of sound creation and implementation for games. Divided into three parts, the masterclass will first look at the creative design process and offer practical advice on sound design techniques for games. He will then demonstrate the technical implementation process and explore the ways in which game sound is increasingly diverging from linear media. Finally, he’ll cover the use of generative audio technology, looking at No Man’s Sky procedural environments, as a way of making soundscapes dynamic and responsive.

Tickets: check the Rewire Festival website for details.

The Sound of Story at Rewire is part of a series of events, including the annual UK event, held in Brighton, which presents a series of talks, masterclasses, screenings and workshops featuring a stellar line-up of world-class sound professionals.
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