PAN record label founder Bill Kouligas
PAN record label founder Bill Kouligas



Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street BN1 4AJ


Lighthouse presents Progress Bar, a night of insight into the creative practice of contemporary culture's most exciting names. From vanguard filmmakers and musicians to trending artists and activists, Progress Bar is our regular, ear-to-the-ground, evening of new art, new music and, hopefully, new friends.

Artist Lars Holdhus giving a talk at our March Progress Bar event
Artist Lars Holdhus giving a talk at our March Progress Bar event

This special edition of Progress Bar is curated by artist Ville Haimala – our current Lighthouse Studio Resident.

During his residency, Ville is researching the enhancement and manipulation of human hearing – through technologies and phenomena such as in-body biohacking and ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) sound recording.

For Progress Bar, Ville has invited artist and founder of PAN record label Bill Kouligas and sound artist Claire Tolan to present their work and discuss the ways in which the sensory interface can be expanded, modified and manipulated.

Also being screened is When You Moved (2014), a sci-fi video essay that explores the relationship between the body and its technologically mediated environment, by Finnish artist Jenna Sutela.

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Claire Tolan
Claire Tolan’s sound work examines practices of hospitality and care and rituals of greeting in the context of ASMR.

Claire Tolan’s Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response video

In January 2014, Tolan created You’re Worth It , an ASMR programme on Berlin Community Radio. She has since broadened her experiments with ASMR to include an installation at the 2015 CTM Festival; performances at Berghain in Berlin, Kestnergesellschaft in Hannover and Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam; and collaborations including ones with music producer Holly Herndon (a recent speaker at our event The Long Progress Bar) and artist and writer Inger Wold Lund. With technologist and social innovator Kei Kreutler (also a speaker at The Long Progress Bar), Tolan has initiated SECOND FOUNDATION, a group that explores and expands the cybernetic pedagogies, which Roy Ascott originally created for his Groundcourse programme at Ipswich University in the 1960s.

Bill Kouligas
Originally from Greece, Bill Kouligas currently lives in Berlin, where he runs record label PAN. Focusing on experimental and electronic music – releasing work by artists including Lee Gamble, M.E.S.H and HELMPAN has been at the forefront of the musical avant-garde since its launch. Describing it as “a judiciously curated, beautifully presented cabinet of curiosities,” it was a FactMag record label of the year in 2012.

An electronic music producer in his own right, he has released nine albums as Family Battle Snake, including Glass Face Island (2010) and Optimistic Suburbia (2008) and has collaborated with Joseph Hammer, Destroy All Monsters, Sudden Infant, C Spencer Yeh and Kouhei Matsunaga, amongst others.

Bill Kouligas presents his PAN mix on NTS in June 2015

Ville Haimala
Finnish music producer and artist Ville Haimala currently lives and works in Berlin.

After years of touring globally as a DJ, Ville has recently been focusing on more experimental studio work. This work, produced under different monikers, has been presented and performed at institutions including MoMA PS1 and ICA and events such as Unsound Festival, Ultima Festival and CTM Festival.

Haimala also co-runs the record label Black Ocean with fellow Finnish artist Martti Kalliala, releasing music by various Berlin-based emerging artists including M.E.S.H, DJ Richard and Soda Plains.


When You Moved, by artist Jenna Sutela, moves through three basic facets of how humans deal with their surroundings: survival (the continuation of life), comfort (wellness and play) and control (safety, efficiency and power). In the video – a physical performance of the script – a woman is running inside an asteroid spaceship, whilst narrating the story of how the advancement of civilisation resulted in her ending up there.


Date: Thursday 5 November 2015
Times: 6.30pm–9.30pm
Venue: Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton BN1 4AJ
Tickets: £5 / £4 concs (full-time students or anyone in receipt of an income-based benefit, please bring ID/proof with you)



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