Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, The Chinese Room
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, The Chinese Room



16 & 17 June 2016
Lighthouse, Brighton


Lighthouse presents Progress Bar, a series of events giving insight into the creative practice of contemporary culture's most exciting names.

Animation concept for a virtual sculpture, developed by Werkflow for Sidsel Meineche Hansen – A Bright Night: Technologies of Affect at the Serpentine Gallery
Animation concept for a virtual sculpture, developed by Werkflow for Sidsel Meineche Hansen – A Bright Night: Technologies of Affect at the Serpentine Gallery

This two-day special edition, presented with University of Brighton, focuses on game design, storytelling, visuals and sound. A mix of talks, workshops and demos, the event will feature leading industry professionals, including Jessica Curry, a co-founder of BAFTA-winning game development studio The Chinese Room, and James Stringer, a creative director at digital arts studio Werkflow.

Plus, you can try out some experimental, critical and visually stunning video games in the pop up arcade, presented in association with Jo Summers.

The event is for anyone with an interest in games development, from industry professionals to students and creatives – including filmmakers, sound recordists and designers, scriptwriters, musicians, theatre makers and visual artists – wanting to find out more.

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TALKS – Thursday 16 June
An evening of insight into the creative practice of professionals working at the leading edge of game creation. Plus, demos and a pop-up arcade.

Times: 6.30pm–9.30pm
Tickets: £5 full price / £4 concs (full-time students or anyone in receipt of an income-based benefit, please bring proof).
Please note that with this ticket you can also attend the VR Demo and Arcade on 17 June from 2pm-6pm.

JESSICA CURRY – The Chinese Room

Jessica Curry is a BAFTA-winning composer and a co-founder of the award-winning game development studio The Chinese Room, known for its thought-provoking, first-person games with detailed worlds to explore, and Jessica’s emotive scores.

Still from Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Jessica composed the elegant and haunting music for Dear Esther, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, which was named soundtrack of the year by MOJO magazine, sat in the Top 10 of both the Official and ClassicFM charts for several weeks and recently won Best Score at the Emotional Games Awards and two BAFTAs for Music and Audio Achievement.

“Games are such an amazing space for a composer. They allow so much freedom.” – Curry in The Guardian.


James B Stringer is a creative director, 3D wizard and texture bot at London-based games engine focused, digital arts studio Werkflow. Outside of this, he is known as the genre-spanning music producer Brood Ma and co-runs cult net label Quantum Natives with AWEIX (Yearning Kru).

Kuedo & Rabit at Unsound

“Present throughout Stringer’s work is a fascination with the internet as a space of military engagement, from social media aggressions and video gaming to mass surveillance, hacking and financial sector manipulation” – The Wire.

JORDAN ERICA WEBBER – Games journalist

Jordan Erica Webber writes about games for newspapers, magazines and blogs, including The Guardian. She has also contributed to BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, and on BBC Radio 5 Live. Additionally, she co-hosts the Not a Game and sometimes The Guardian’s Tech weekly. In 2014 she was shortlisted for a Games Media Award.

WORKSHOPS – Friday 17 June
A day of workshops by games creatives, developers and industry experts. Plus, demos and a pop-up arcade.

Times: Workshops are in the morning and afternoon (see times of workshops below). The other activities run from 10am–6pm.
Tickets: £25 / £15 concs (full-time students or anyone in receipt of an income-based benefit, please bring proof). Each ticket allows entry to ONE workshop (bookable at point of sale) as well as access to the day’s additional activities. Lunch and refreshments are provided.
Special offer: Buy one workshop and we’ll email you a discount code to get 1/3 off a second.



With: Tom Wandrag and James Stringer of Werkflow
Workshop time: 10am – 1pm

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Digital arts studio Werkflow create visuals and interactive media for artists, musicians, galleries, games and more.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to transpose a physical artwork into a virtual environment. Working with Werkflow, they will create a clay sculpture, which will then be digitised and displayed in Unreal Engine. The final playable piece will be downloadable after the workshop from the Werkflow website.

Introducing Werkflow @ Progress Bar
Here, James tells us about the artists and musicians he works with and how games engines can be used to explore more meaningful ideas and narratives.

VIDEO GAME PRODUCTION – Big Industry & Basement Production

With: Derk Over
Workshop time: 11am – 1pm

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Derk Over is a visual artist for video games. His work includes Havana Hotel, a personal project that shows a commune for people who have fled from human trafficking and Port Royal, a world-building game.

In the first half of this workshop, Derk will take you through the basics of how to create your own game, including 3D modelling, animation and texturing, and demonstrate some of the best software packages for beginners. In the second half, he will look at the player experience, how psychology is used within game environments, and how audio, visual and movement design can affect our emotional response to a game.

Introducing Derk Over @ Progress Bar
Here, Derk Over, tells us about how he became a video game artist, how the practice differs from other media types and how games can be used to represent social and political struggles.



With: Holly Gramazio
Workshop time: 2pm – 4pm

Eventbrite - Progress Bar: June 2016
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Holly Gramazio is one half of Matheson Marcault, a company that uses game design to make physical and digital works for public spaces, museums and festivals. She is also director of Now Play This, a games festival in London, and was previously lead game designer at Hide & Seek. She has led projects including 99 Tiny Games, The New Year Games and Castle, Forest, Island Sea, and has a doctorate degree in online fiction and interaction.

In this workshop Holly will explore the role of playtesting within game design: testing and refining the rules of games through iteration. Using examples of easy ways to test a game’s core mechanics, participants will get the chance to experiment with basic playtesting methods, create physical and paper-based prototypes and develop a flexible framework for playtesting games.


With: Tim Clague
Workshop time: 2pm – 4pm

Eventbrite - Progress Bar: June 2016
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Tim Clague is a BAFTA-nominated writer who has written for games, TV, film and comics. Currently he is working on a new narrative based survival game called A Star Falls. He has given talks about writing at BAFTA and universities across the UK.

In this workshop you will discover how writing for games differs from writing for other media and look at what makes a great interactive drama. Through a mix of information and exercises, based upon real-life tasks from games companies, the session will show you how to break into this industry and what the work involves.

Introducing Tim Clague @ Progress Bar
As a games writer, you are “creating the story experience in tandem with the audience.” Here, Tim gives us a little insight into writing for games and what we can expect from them at the event.

A limited number of tickets are available for the Arcade and VR Demo ONLY on Friday 17 June.
Time & Date: 17 June 2016, 2pm-6pm.
Tickets: £3 / £2.50 concs (full-time students or anyone in receipt of an income-based benefit, please bring proof).
Eventbrite - Progress Bar: June 2016


Presented by: Jo Summers
Date & Time: 16 (evening) & 17 June (throughout the day)

Pop Up Arcade is run by a grassroots organisation which aims to celebrate and promote developers and artists creating videogames, digital playthings and experiences. Through showing these experiences to new audiences, they hope to give these artists more recognition and exposure, as well as introducing new people to these digital worlds.

For the Progress Bar arcade, they’re laying on some experimental, critical and visually stunning video games to play. A different selection of games will be available on each day.

Games to play
Hohokum – a whimsical, colourful game with an emphasis on playful exploration and creativity
Proteus – a beautiful game of audio-visual exploration and discovery
Future Unfolding – lets you explore a world filled with life, both beautiful and dangerous
Panoramical – a video game-like interactive experience where you manipulate the look, sound and feel
Slave of God – a trippy club simulator, with high-colour visuals and music
Plus, more.


Presented by: Brighton Games Collective
Date & Time: 17 June, 4pm – 6pm

Brighton Games Collective will be bringing their kit along so you can try out the most immersive Virtual Reality technology on the market today and experience games such as Tilt Brush, which turns the whole room into your 3D canvas and Space Pirate Trainer, the official trainer for wannabe space pirates.

Tilt Brush is “the kind of thing lots of artists dream about” – Tristan Eaton, artist. Watch the trailer, here.

This event is part of Refiguring Innovation in Games (ReFig), a five-year project supported by SSHRC Canada and an international collaboration of academics, community and industry that aims to enhance the capacity of games industry and games culture to deliver rich, stimulating and meaningful experiences and opportunities for all.

Progress Bar June 2016



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