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15 OCTOBER 2016


Lighthouse and Sonic Acts bring Progress Bar back to Amsterdam. A lively mix of talks, screenings, performances and DJ sets, Progress Bar is a night of “cutting edge thinking and dancing” (FACT Magazine 2015), that connects artists and audiences across the globe, and celebrates the work of contemporary culture’s most exciting names, from vanguard music producers and filmmakers to pioneering artists and activists.

After a break for the summer, this edition of Progress Bar features talks, live performances and DJ sets by Amnesia Scanner, Malibu, Toxe, ALX9696, and Juha, of Lighthouse’s Viral Radio.


Amnesia Scanner creates futuristic club music that crosses boundaries. Their debut release “AS LIVE [][][][][]” blends fresh rapidly changing rhythm patterns found in bass music subgenres with dramatic outbursts of mangled samples. Amnesia Scanner will be performing a new live AV set during Progress Bar.

“Amnesia Scanner are meanwhile likely to be one of the cornerstone acts in 2016’s electronic underground.” The Guardian

“If we can begin to imagine what a cyborg’s chaotic inner id might be like, you have to to listen to AS. ….. Music this uncomfortable is rarely so euphoric.” 8.2 – Pitchfork

“Labeling Amnesia Scanner as a “whole new breed of music” is one of the biggest under-sells EVER. I’m fairly certain Amnesia Scanner isn’t even human(s), but WiFi warfare that musters on the low from signal to ping” Tiny Mixtapes

“Amnesia Scanner take modern club music’s obsession with chrome textures, hi-def samples and found sound to absurd levels.” 4.2 / 5 – Resident Advisor

If there are any barriers left between mainstream pop and ambient experimentalism, Malibu is passing through them like water. With a quiet, gauzy intensity that finds emotional power in angel choirs, rushing winds and Auto-tuned vertigo, Malibu’s productions (under that name as well as her side project DJ Lostboi) bask in an otherworldly sincerity that sidesteps nostalgic irony. Streamlining teen pop and video game soundtracks into the Brian Eno tradition has proven to be a rich vein of creativity for the Bordeaux-based, Angola-raised artist: A pair of early 2016 mixes, The Doomed Life of a Lie and The Magic Key, reveal a deep knowledge of aesthetics to play with and the promise of a wide star-field of genres to sink into.

Toxe is a central figure within Staycore – a new ground-breaking label from Stockholm. The talented producer from Gothenburg crafts tracks sounding like the journey through a stone-cold cave as portrayed in the video for her track Determina. It’s scary and seductive at the same time. The Swedish artist has so far released just one EP on Staycore and a collection of mixes but their quality make you beg for more and there’s certainly more to come from Toxe in the following months. Her recent insane Slipknot edit shows that you can expect just about anything.

Staycore is all about relationships – Toxe sees eye to eye with her friends including KABLAM, mobilegirl and Mechatok. The artist has been present in the scene only for a few months but has already been named a producer to watch by Noisey, FADER and Dazed. Toxe’s signature sound hits you with an earthquake of drums and synths rumbling like marching troops. This brings her close to club provocateurs like Kamixlo and TOTAL FREEDOM.

Toxe’s horizons are very wide. Before offering her take on Slipknot, she also distorted Britney Spears in her track Xic for Halcyon Veil. At the same time, the Staycore mainstay has as much fun in messing around with hip-hop as in her flawless mix for NTS where she clashed 50 Cent with a noisey violin. On top of that Toxe edits her own videos as for the claustrophobic Determina and designs covers exhibiting her relentless creativity.

Toxe released her debut Muscle Memory EP on Staycore in October 2015. Her five tracks clash boulder-heavy rhythms against intricate details painting a picture very human and emotional. Rave reviews and the buzz around Toxe make her one of the most promising new producers in the avant-garde club scene.

Toxe is working on solo releases and collaborations. She is also set to perform at the RBMA Festival in Paris and Oscillate Wildly presents: PAN in London.

Young computer artist, DJ and web intellectual, Alex Dabo aka alx9696, who represents the upcoming Stockholm label Staycore alongside his peer Toxe, prefers ‘music that feels like running through a forest crying’, according to Stockholm-based alternative R&B podcast Jenny & Vänner. Rather than tying himself to one particular style, Alex ‘Killuminati Burnbabylon’ Dabo describes himself as ‘an individual in constant evolution, deconstructing myself, going through identity crises daily’.

Progress Bar #5
Date: Saturday 15 October 2016
Venue: Paradiso Noord, Tolhuistuin Amsterdam
Times: 21:00–04:00 (doors open 20:30)
Tickets: €10,00 presale / €12,50 at the door (card only)



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