Crystallmess. Courtesy of the artist.
Crystallmess. Courtesy of the artist.



23 APRIL 2016


Lighthouse and Sonic Acts present a special season of Progress Bar in Amsterdam. A lively mix of talks, screenings, performances and DJ sets, Progress Bar is a night of “cutting edge thinking and dancing” (FACT Magazine 2015), that connects artists and audiences across the globe, and celebrates the work of contemporary culture’s most exciting names, from vanguard music producers and filmmakers to pioneering artists and activists.

This third edition features a talk by London-based producer, DJ and co-founder of NON Records Nkisi; GAIKA in conversation with Lighthouse Artistic Director Juha van ’t Zelfde; and live performances and DJ sets by Nkisi, GAIKA, Crystallmess, Ling and Juha, of Lighthouse’s Viral Radio.

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Nkisi is the alias of Melika Ngombe Kolongo, an artist raised in Belgium and now living in London. She’s a producer, DJ and co-founder of NON Records, a collective of African artists and of the diaspora, using sound as their primary media, to articulate the visible and invisible structures that create binaries in society, and in turn distribute power.


London-based beatmaker, MC and artist Gaika released his debut mixtape and video Machine in 2015. His singular, confrontational performance style reflects influences such as Basquiat, Tricky and The Weeknd.

“With a warped, electronic blend of grime, dance hall, garage, hip hop and R&B, Gaika takes the sonic textures of the streets and crafts them into brand new, glistening shapes.” – Daisy Jones, DAZED


“As a Paris born and raised writer, Christelle Oyiri regularly delves into fertile subcultures and corners of the past. But when she gets behind the decks as Crystallmess, she plays a combination of west african rhythms, bass music, french house music and french caribbean dancehall/soca reshaping what french club music means beyond its colonial definition." (S.Renaldo)


Liverpool-based producer Ling is the latest addition to the PAN/Visionist CODES label. In February 2015, they released his EP Attachment, described as a data-centric collection built from field and browser recordings, loosely exploring the themes of habitual mental tendencies. The heavily processed sample material re-explores recordings collected over the last 4 years, reconstructed within sound collages. Merging explorative futurist sounds, Ling’s glacial and at times glitchy constructions feature fleeting snippets of differing vocals or malfunctioning machines, whilst dipping into tentative, broken melodies. Loose references to UK culture and contemporary sounds are restructured, offering moments of something teasingly familiar before withdrawing into abstraction.


Lighthouse Artistic Director, Juha, is a DJ and the founder of Viral Radio, a platform to support the work of musicians shaping the sound of the future. As part of the Lighthouse programme he presents Viral Radio on ResonanceEXTRA, a monthly broadcast following new developments deep down the rabbit hole of internet music culture.

Date: 23 April 2016
Venue: Paradiso Noord, Tolhuistuin, Tolhuisweg 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam
Times: 9pm-4am (doors open 8.30pm) €12,50
Tickets: €12,50. Purchase on Ticketmaster or on the door (card only)
Enquiries: Sonic Acts

Progress Bar Amsterdam is presented by Lighthouse, in partnership with Sonic Acts. Sonic Acts was founded in 1994. It has initiated numerous projects and festivals with an interdisciplinary approach and a strong focus on contemporary and historical developments at the intersection of art, technology, music and science. Recent projects – often in collaboration with partner organisations throughout Europe – include the recently launched Sonic Acts Academy, Dark Ecology, the Kontraste Festival in Austria and the internationally touring Vertical Cinema project, as well as The Geologic Imagination festival, which took place in Amsterdam in 2015.



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