Motion Capture Lab, photo by Jonathan Hunt
Motion Capture Lab, photo by Jonathan Hunt


3rd, 4th, 5th July 2013

A 3-day Lab offering training in the use of motion capture technology

Motion Capture Lab made a return to Lighthouse last July, presenting an exciting opportunity for filmmakers and film professionals to learn about motion capture, and let them explore creative possibilities this technology offers. Working with Centroid, a leading motion capture and character animation studio, the Lab provided high-quality craft and technical training, as well as valuable contacts and networking opportunities.

Take a behind the scenes look in this video of our Motion Capture Lab 2012 in action.

Motion Capture Lab 2012, film by Kieron Butler

Long perceived as a visual effects tool used only in big budget films and video games, the use of motion capture is now becoming more affordable and accessible, offering filmmakers exciting new creative possibilities and enabling them to bring vivid imaginative worlds and fantastical characters to the screen.

“The Lab was a great introduction to the multi dimensional world of Motion Capture. I attended with a director we are working with and we both found it insightful and educational. Centroid were wonderful hosts and we are very fortunate to now be developing a feature film concept with them, which is a direct result of the programme. I would recommend the Lab to anyone who wants to learn more about telling stories using motion capture.”
- Nicole Carmen-Davis (Producer, Rainy Day Films) and Peter Stanley-Ward, Director

Lighthouse was delighted work again in partnership with Centroid, one of the UK’s leading motion capture and character animation studios, to offer this intensive 3-day training programme. The Lab took place in Centroid’s brand new state-of-the-art facilities, located at Shepperton Studios, and at Lighthouse in Brighton. Training was delivered through practical hands-on workshops, demonstrations, specialist tutorials, case-studies, screenings and master classes. All sessions were led by experienced trainers and experts who are active themselves within the field of motion capture production.

The Motion Capture Lab was supported by Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, which is funded directly by industry through the Skills Investment Fund, as well as by the National Lottery via the BFI.

Motion Capture Lab 2012 participants, photo by Jonathan Hunt

Trainers and Industry Guests

The trainers and other professionals involved with the Motion Capture Lab are all industry professionals who work within motion capture and character animation.

Phil Stilgoe
Phil is the Operations Director and Performance Capture Producer at Centroid. Now a Motion Capture veteran of 16 years, Phil has worked on many award-winning movies, games and tv shows on both sides of the Atlantic. He was part of the team which first supplied optical facial data for a Hollywood feature way back in the mid 1990’s and to this day continues to evolve actor driven animation pipelines across the entertainment industries.

Stuart Haskayne
Stuart has worked in the fields of animation for broadcast, games, and motion capture for over fifteen years. As Head Of Production at Centroid, his role is as varied and diverse as the multitude of projects that we have work on, spanning the film, television and games industries.

William Todd-Jones
Just returned from the first leg of the Ice Age-Live world tour, on which he is master puppeteer and Manny performer, Todd is a director & movement consultant who has created character performances on numerous feature films including;The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Harry Potter V, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, various Muppet movies, The NeverEnding Story, Judge Dredd, Batman, Pinocchio, Lost in Space, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 101 Dalmations and Fierce Creatures. In recent years he has specialised in bridging the disciplines of live performance and computer graphic animation, developing techniques in optical motion capture, performance animation and digital puppetry.

Simon Kay
Having trained as a 2D classical animator before transitioning into 3D animation and motion capture, Simon is now a Motion Capture Supervisor at Double Negative. He has over 12 years experience in motion capture during which time he has captured actors, dancers, stunt people, military special forces and even a camel! His current role involves organising, directing and processing mocap data, establishing and integrating mocap pipelines and managing and operating the in-house mocap system. Recent films that Simon has worked on include John Carter, Total Recall, Superman, Paul and Iron Man 2.

Robert Tygner
Robert has worked in film, TV and commercials since 1985 as a CG character animator (using keyframe & performance animation techniques), animation director, motion capture director, puppeteer and puppet performance director. Over the years he has worked across multiple projects with leading companies and institutions such as the Jim Henson Company, London College of Communication and the National Film and Television School.

John Dower
John Dower was a Film & TV Director, carving out a career for himself in TV drama while he developed his own feature projects, until he saw an advert on the Director’s Guild website looking for a drama director to work on a Video game. He has not looked back since getting the job, plunging into a world of interactivity, motion capture, voice and animation and directing on several projects including the latest James Bond game 007 Legends. He now dreams of real convergence between the ‘linear’ and ‘interactive’ entertainment industries he attempts to straddle, since sometimes it’s a bumpy ride.

Kirk Woolford
Kirk Woolford is a designer/developer with more than 20 years experience using motion capture in live performance and interactive environments. He has held teaching and research in Germany, Holland, the US and UK, as well as setting up and directing web development and video games production companies in New York, London, and Amsterdam. He has exhibited and performed his work in international venues including Shanghai eArts, ARCO Madrid, Art Cologne, P.S.1. (MoMA), Venice Biennale, Ars Electronica, ISEA, and SIGGRAPH. Kirk is currently Sr Lecturer in Interactive Media Practice at the University of Sussex.

How To Apply

Applications for Motion Capture Lab 2013 have now closed and the Lab took place over three days in July 2013.

One of the participants Rafal Kaniewski from Motion Capture Lab 2013 has written up a blog about his experience attending the Lab, you can read it here.

Motion Capture Lab



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