Image courtesy of Centroid
Image courtesy of Centroid


Next Lab: 3rd - 5th July 2013
Centroid (Shepperton Studios) & Lighthouse (Brighton)

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Summary of Motion Capture Lab 2012

Lighthouse presented an exciting opportunity for filmmakers to learn about motion capture and explore the creative possibilities this cutting-edge technology offers. Working with Centroid, a leading motion capture and character animation studio, the Lab provided high-quality craft and technical training, as well as valuable contacts and networking opportunities.

Lighthouse was delighted to work in partnership with Centroid, one of the UK’s leading motion capture and character animation studios, to offer an intensive 3-day training programme. The Motion Capture Lab offered high-quality craft and technical training for film professionals and practitioners, and was a valuable opportunity for participants to gain new contacts within the field of motion capture and character animation.

Long perceived as a visual effects tool used only in big budget films and video games, the use of motion capture is now becoming more affordable and accessible, offering filmmakers exciting new creative possibilities and enabling them to bring vivid imaginative worlds and fantastical characters to the screen.

The Lab took place in Centroid’s state-of-the-art facilities, located at Pinewood Studios, and at Lighthouse in Brighton. Training was delivered through practical hands-on workshops, demonstrations, specialist tutorials, case-studies, screenings and master classes. All sessions were led by experienced trainers and experts who are active themselves within the field of motion capture production.

The Motion Capture Lab has been funded by the Skillset Film Skills Fund as part of ‘A Bigger Future 2’, the UK film skills strategy. The Skillset Film Skills Fund is supported by the National Lottery through the BFI and the film industry through the Skills Investment Fund.

The project was enabled by Screen South, the Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme, and the RIFE lottery funding programme. Screen South is part of the North Sea Screen Partnership, a European exchange with countries in the North Seas area including areas in Norway and Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Scotland.

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