Mariele Neudecker
Mariele Neudecker




Step behind the scenes and get a glimpse of the thinking motivating the digital world's greatest artists, filmmakers, thinkers and doers with the Lighthouse Monthly Talks. In May, Mariele Neudecker was our speaker.

Mariele Neudecker was our monthly speaker for May, presented in collaboration with House Festival. Neudecker talked about her work, including that which is exhibited in her two shows for Brighton Festival, The Air Itself is One Vast Library showing at Lighthouse and Heterotopias and other domestic landscapes at Regency Town House.

Here’s a video of her talk at Lighthouse:

The Air Itself is One Vast Library is an exhibition of startling images that explore the disturbing, and often invisible, technologies of war. In dramatic contrast with her more familiar depictions of landscape and the sublimity of nature, this highly topical study brings us face to face with weapons of mass destruction. Neudecker’s artistic strategy is rooted in ‘ground truth’, a term used in remote sensing to describe data collected on location. Works created whilst on site at the historic Nike missile facility in the US are emblematic of Neudecker’s determination to go beyond mere representation.

In Heterotopias and other domestic landscapes, Neudecker’s visionary installation transforms The Regency Town House into a container of landscapes. This major new commission uses several interconnected artworks to explore both the familiar and sublime. The cropped edge in Neudecker’s landscapes becomes a form of human intervention: her representations of vast panoramas are limited by lenses, or narrowed by cones of torchlight.

The Air Itself is One Vast Library has been curated by Lighthouse for Brighton Festival. Heterotopias and other domestic landscapes is a co-commission between House Festival and Brighton Festival, and is shown at the Regency Town House.


Mariele Neudecker (1965) was born in Germany and lives and works in Bristol, UK. Her work uses a range of media from sculpture, installation, film and photography to explore landscape, perception, imagination and memory. She describes her practice as: “attempting to challenge conventional ways of seeing and the dichotomy between nature and culture.”

She has had exhibitions at galleries and museums such as Tate Britain, Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, Kunsthalle Bern in Switzerland, the National Gallery of Ireland, the Neue Nationalgalerie in Germany, and is currently showing at Kunstmuseum Trondheim in Norway. Her work has also been exhibited in major biennials and festivals including the Singapore Biennale, the Yokohama International Triennale, and the Triennale Fellbach in Germany, at which she won the Ludwig Gies Preis.

Neudecker is well known for her sculptural vitrines which feature simulated landscapes, such as lakes, mountains or forests. The consideration of nature and the “sublime” is a key theme within her work. In recent times she has begun to explore mediated and technologised aspects of landscape, themes which emerge in works such as Psychopomp (2011), Final Fantasy – Flight Recorder(2008) and The Air Itself Is One Vast Library (2010). She is represented by Galerie Barbara Thumm in Berlin.




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