Andy Gracie, lead artist Laboratory Life
Andy Gracie, lead artist Laboratory Life


Thursday 03 March 2011

Talks on digital art, culture and film on the first Thursday of the month

Step behind the scenes and get a glimpse of the thinking motivating the digital world’s greatest artists, thinkers and doers with the Lighthouse Monthly Talks. Andy Gracie and the artists from the Laboratory Life team were the March 2011 speakers.

Anna Dumiriu, artist,  Laboratory Life
Anna Dumiriu, artist, Laboratory Life

March’s Monthly Talk was given by the artists who transformed Lighthouse into a temporary, publicly accessible science laboratory. Four of the five lead artists presented their work, in what was one of the most lively and exciting Monthly Talks we’ve held at Lighthouse. Artists giving presentations included:

Andy Gracie works with robotics, sound, video and biology to create exchanges between natural and artificial systems. His project at Laboratory Life is The Quest for Drosophila titanus, an astrobiological experiment.

Kira O’Reilly employs performance, biotechnical practices and writing consider speculative ideas around the body. Her project at Laboratory Life, is The Garden Shed Lab, a DIY creative space exploring the relationship between biotechnologies and domestic everyday experiences, such as cooking, tinkering, composting, and gardening.

Adam Zaretsky is an artist who’s radical practice encompasses biology, ecology, biotechnology, live art and gastronomy. His project, Tattoo Traits, explores the feasibility of DNA tattooing.

Anna Dumitriu is an artist who’s installations and performances use a range of digital and biological media to blur the boundaries between art and science. Her project, Infective Textiles, is a microbiological textile artwork.

We also presented Public Misunderstanding of Science an animated film, which features the drawings made by the public whilst listening to scientific discourse on synthetic biology. The film was made by a group of artists and scientists led by Bruce Gilchrist.

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Supported by The Wellcome Trust

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