Inside an Action Space inflatable
Inside an Action Space inflatable


August 31 2016


Maker Assembly brings people together to have a critical conversation about the cultures of making – its meaning, politics, history and future. By combining short talks with contributions from the attendees, the events are informal and conversational, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Kindred of the Kibbo Kift: Angus McBean Body of Gleemen and Gleemaidens, Gleemote, 1929. Stanley Dixon Collection, thanks to Gill Dixon. Courtesy of Tim Turner
Kindred of the Kibbo Kift: Angus McBean Body of Gleemen and Gleemaidens, Gleemote, 1929. Stanley Dixon Collection, thanks to Gill Dixon. Courtesy of Tim Turner

Co-produced by Lighthouse, this one-day edition, taking place at Roco Creative Co-op in Sheffield, will take a deeper look at the movement today – the people who craft, design, manufacture, tinker with, engineer, fabricate, and repair physical things. Art, craft, electronics, textiles, products, robots. Hi-tech and low-tech, amateur and professional, young and old, with digital tools or by hand. Historical perspectives, what’s happening here and now, and how things might change in the future.


Akiko Kobayashi
Akiko is an architect and facilitator of community led building projects, working with groups to communicate their vision and gain practical skills. She also has hands-on construction experience, most recently as part of the Tiree Noust Boathouse and Wikihouse v4.2 live build projects.

Annabella Pollen
Annebella is the author of Kindred of the Kibbo Kift, a beautiful book on the esoteric mid-war group of pacifists and woodcrafters who set out to create a revolutionary movement through craft, propaganda, ritual and outdoor living. Andrew Sleigh and Annebella Pollen discuss the group’s legacy.

Clementine Blakemore
Clementine is an architectural designer whose practice focuses on the relationship between design, production and place. Alongside a position as Designer in Residence at the Design Museum, and teaching at the AA School of Architecture, she is currently working on a range of small-scale projects in the UK.

Liam Healy
Liam is from the collaborative art and design group Design unlikely futures (, which emerged from Goldsmiths via the Calais ‘Jungle’ while the members worked as volunteer builders in the camp. Their aim is to collaboratively design alternative futures for capturing the social, political and physical fabric of the site, and to document the camp as a space, a community, and a population locked in transit.

Heather Corcoran
Heather is a curator and cultural producer with a specialism in art, design and technology. She leads outreach for Kickstarter in the UK and Europe, with a focus on the design and technology communities. Previously, she was Executive Director of Rhizome, the influential digital art non-profit organisation based at the New Museum, New York.

Huw Wahl
Huw recently made a film about Action Space, the radical artists’ group that operated in London and Sheffield in the 1960s and 1970s, and set out to champion the role of creative experience in the transformation of society, becoming famous for their giant inflatable structures.

Jon Flint
Jon is a designer at Anglo-Indian design practice, Superflux Studios. He has worked on a variety of projects around drones, air quality and Graphene. He has an interest in the public perception of new technologies, trying to understand perspectives through hands-on workshops or inventive methods.

Sarah Corbett
Sarah is the founder of Craftivist Collective, a global social enterprise using craft as a tool for slow, gentle and intriguing activism.

Tom Tobia
Tom is a developer of products, spaces and businesses that encourage people to make things, not least Makerversity, the makers’ co-working incubator.

Date: 31 August 2016
Times: 9:30am–5.00pm
Venue: Roco Creative Co-op, 342 Glossop Rd, Sheffield, S10 2HW
Tickets: £10 + booking fee – includes lunch (book your place through Eventbrite)
Website: Maker Assembly

Thanks to support from Comino Foundation, ticket prices are heavily subsidised. Your ticket also includes a communal lunch and refreshments during the day.

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