'Who's Doing The Washing Up - Where's The Sink?'
'Who's Doing The Washing Up - Where's The Sink?'


In this podcast series Curator in Residence Eva Rowson reflects on her six month programme exploring the role of hospitality at Lighthouse.

Season 3 of the Light+ podcast focuses on Eva Rowson’s programme ‘Who’s doing the washing up — where’s the sink?’ (January-July 2019). Interviews with artists, users and workers of Lighthouse draw on ideas of science-fiction, collective work, modes of communicating and re-imaginings of the uses and workings of the organisation itself.

Eva’s residency programme is a response to Lighthouse’s aim to create spaces to host new ideas, practices and communities and a shared understanding amongst local groups and independent organisations that these spaces are disappearing elsewhere in the city.

The programme title ‘Who’s doing the washing up – where’s the sink?’ is used to address questions that so often go unasked by institutions and grant-makers when imagining ’radical’ new models of organising and hosting: How are different types of work – from the artists to the cleaning – valued in these futures? Who gets to have a voice in these imaginings? And how do we actually change the infrastructures we’re working in so we don’t just reproduce the same models, narratives and values?

Music for the podcast series is taken from a collection of new arrangements composed and recorded by artist Aliyah Hussain, made when working on her forthcoming EP (Bloxham Tapes), based on the science fiction novel Native Tongue by Suzette Haden Elgin. The music uses breath, voice and touch to convey the experimental feminist language Láadan, constructed by Elgin in the world of Native Tongue.

Aliyah Hussain is an artist based at Islington Mill studios, Salford, UK. Her practice approaches themes found within feminist science fiction literature, in particular the possibilities of co-sharing space. She has released two EPs of experimental electronic music – ‘Woman on the Edge of Time’ and ‘Sultana’s Dream’ with Manchester-based cassette tape label Sacred Tapes, and has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally.

Produced by Olivia Melkonian and Nats Spada of Brighton-based not-for-profit next generation broadcaster Platform B. Platform B is programmed and directed by its community of DJs, producers and presenters with a studio in the Green Door Store music venue underneath Brighton station.

Nats Spada is Co-Founder, Creative Director and Station Manager for Platform B. Prior to setting up Platform B, Nats worked at totallyradio.com, where she headed up the internet radio station’s editorial team and music curators as well as presenting the New Noise Rock Show.

Olivia Melkonian is a DJ and producer at Platform B. A recent Media Production Graduate from the University of Sussex, Olivia’s dissertation and personal interests focus on accurately recounting Armenian history through the medium of podcasts.

Supported by Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Episode 1: Potential Worlds: Making spaces on our own terms
A live recording from Potential Wor(l)ds: making spaces on our own terms, at Lighthouse on 25 April 2019. Artists Aliyah Hussain and Anna Bunting Branch, Marlborough Theatre Co-Artistic Director Tarik Elmoutawakil and Devils’ Dyke Network organisers Claudia Treacher and Violeta Marchenkova share their strategies — from using science fiction to collective work — for making spaces on their own terms. They discuss how these spaces enable them to form their own rules, politics and futures, and how institutions such as Lighthouse can best support them.

Aliyah Hussain is an artist based at Islington Mill studios, Salford, UK. Her practice approaches themes found within feminist science fiction literature, in particular the possibilities of co-sharing space. She has released two EPs of experimental electronic music – ‘Woman on the Edge of Time’ and ‘Sultana’s Dream’ with Manchester-based cassette tape label Sacred Tapes, and has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally.

Anna Bunting-Branch is an artist and researcher. Science fictional tropes, from parallel universes to alien encounters and future worlds, inform her work in painting, moving image and writing to express different relations to feminism and its histories. Anna is currently undertaking a practice-related PhD at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, titled ‘Practicing the Difference: Reading Feminist Science Fiction with Luce Irigaray’.

Potential Wor(l)ds is a collaborative workshop-based project between Aliyah and Anna using sound, mark-making and science fiction to explore experimental modes of communicating and different ways of world-building.

Tarik Elmoutawakil is an artist and producer, and co-founder/co-director of The Marlborough Theatre in Brighton. Tarik created Brownton Abbey, the afro futuristic space-church themed performance party that centres celebrates and elevates queer, trans and intersex people of colour, to creatively address systemic problems of inequality and isolation for minoritised and marginalised communities.

Claudia Treacher and Violeta Marchenkova are part of Devils’ Dyke Network, an inclusive platform in Brighton for poets, performers and artists. The Network showcases older and newer talents amongst feminist women, gender non-binary, lesbian and queer identified people of different origins and identities – focusing on artists who have had difficult or complicated access to performing in other spaces. The Network arose from a collective desire to create a non-judgemental space for artists and audiences to grow, share, and amplify their stories, and as a strategic space from which to make politics.

Episode 2: Send and Receive: Maia Urstad and Anton Kats (MAKU)
Artists Maia Urstad and Anton Kats share their collaborative project MAKU, and how they explore different ways of working with radio as tools for communication, programming and listening. They’ll reflect on their research into radio practices in Brighton, including youth-led radio station Platform B, the Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society and Patrick Murphy of the Blind Veterans UK Amateur Radio Society.

Anton Kats is an artist, musician and dancer born in the Ukraine and now based in Berlin, Germany. His practice derives from informal everyday relationships from growing up in a vibrant neighbourhood in Kherson, Ukraine, complemented through the necessity and pragmatics of seeking self-legalisation in Europe via entering formal institutions of education. In his work, Kats explores radio through concepts of ‘narrowcast’ and ‘concrete listening’, engaging with structures of self-organisation and self-education. His projects often unfold in the form of collaborative interventions, installations and sonic sculptures, performances, learning sites and public programs, and have been present in venues including the Serpentine Galleries, Tate, Victoria and Albert Museum, The Showroom gallery, London (UK) and documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel.

Maia Urstad is an artist based in Bergen, Norway working at the intersection of audio and visual art. She was a member of ska/new-wave group ‘Program 81’, releasing 4 records and touring between 1979-84. Technological progress and communications technology are pervasive themes in her projects, using radio as a key audio, visual and conceptual element, commenting on the temporary nature of present technology, and what traces and stories we leave behind when new inventions enter our daily lives. In 2017, she was appointed as City Sound Artist of Bonn 2017, and throughout 2018 exhibiting ‘Time-Tone-Passages’, a 40-channel site specific sound installation based on material from the radio archive of Deutsche Welle, Germany. She is part of the international sound art collective Freq_out curated by CM von Hausswolff, and a co-founder of Lydgalleriet, Bergen.

Platform B is Brighton’s first youth-led radio station broadcasting online since 2016 and on 105.5 FM and DAB across the City since October 2018. It is programmed and directed by a new wave of DJs, producers and presenters who are re-imagining and diversifying the medium with an eclectic mix of music and youth programming. Their studio is in the Green Door Store, a music venue underneath Brighton Station.

Sue Davis and Kim Newland are part of the Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society.

Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society is a group of local radio amateurs who meet weekly in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. As well as hosting weekly communication sessions from their radio shack and regular events on different radio practices, the Society runs short courses to teach techniques required to obtain an Amateur Radio licence.

Episode 3: Cuñas, topes y sujetapuertas / doorstops, wedges and holding space: Jordi Ferreiro and Andrea Francke
Artists Jordi Ferreiro and Andrea Francke discuss their shared interests in how cultural organisations can open up to include different perspectives and voices in the way they work. As Spanish is the first language of both artists, both artists experiment with translating between English and Spanish throughout the conversation.

Jordi Ferreiro is an artist and educator based in Barcelona, Spain. His projects use strategies based on institutional mediation, play and experimental educational movements to interfere in the relations between institutions, art and audiences. His research into organisational models has developed recently through the collaborative project ‘como imaginar una musea?’ (how to imagine a feminist museum?) – an ongoing attempt to re-think the art institution from a feminist perspective, run on concepts of collaboration, hospitality and shared access.

Andrea Francke is a Peruvian artist based in London. Her work focuses on the political implications of categories constructed through and for knowledge-making processes. What exclusions do they produce? How can we challenge those exclusions? How these redefined categories impact the political? Although Francke’s work is mainly framed as social art practice, she has recently traded a paradigm of visibility for one of invisibility. Her most recent practice focuses on smoothness, the production and maintenance of infrastructure as a way to redefine those categorisations and produce long-lasting political change.

Current projects include: the development of the evaluation framework for Gaswork’s Participatory Residency as FOTL, her collaboration with Ross Jardine; FRAND, a play and toy-making collaboration with Francis Patrick-Brady; and Knowledge is Made Here, an education project with Sara Greavu that looks at local intellectual production and activism in order to develop theory with young people in Derry. Previous projects include: Invisible Spaces of Parenthood – which explored motherhood/parenthood, and the labour of care, particularly in relation to early years’ care and infrastructure with Kim Dhillon; Wish You’d Been Here – organising and reflecting on hosting as an artistic and feminist method along Eva Rowson; and The Piracy Project – an international publishing and exhibition project with Eva Weinmayr, exploring the philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy and creative modes of reproduction.

Episode 4: There ought to be a word: Aliyah Hussain and Anna Bunting Branch in conversation with Devils’ Dyke Network
Claudia Treacher and Violeta Marchenkova from Brighton-based collective Devils’ Dyke Network interview artists Anna Bunting Branch and Aliyah Hussain about their collaborative project Potential Wor(l)ds. The project uses feminist science fiction, printmaking and experimental sound-making to collectively create new words and ways of communicating.

Episode 5: Lighthouse maintenance tools: Emma Wickham and Eva Rowson
Curator Eva Rowson concludes the podcast series in conversation with Lighthouse Head of Operations, Emma Wickham. They share their favourite ‘Lighthouse maintenance tools’ to reflect on how the building works, what keeps it going – and who’s doing the washing up.

Emma Wickham is Head of Operations and joined Lighthouse as Administrator in 2005. Emma leads on venue and commercial development, oversees the smooth running of our office and venue, manages our operations team and oversees event management and project support for all Lighthouse activities. She is the heart and soul of the organisation and can often be found providing the warmest welcome in Brighton to our guests, visitors, audiences, colleagues and tenants at Lighthouse.



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