Last Dance films
Last Dance films


Two short films looking into the rapid changes affecting UK club culture

Available online from 30 November
Presented by Lighthouse, in association with Boiler Room 4:3

Last Dance is a film in two parts – Part I is a kinetic deconstruction of a night in a club, a moment-by-moment account: the queue - the frisk - the drink - the dance. It’s a film about the joy of dancing, who you can become, how you can forge your own identity. Part II explores the external pressures that are forcing clubs to fight for survival, in an increasingly hostile landscape. Key cultural critics explain the importance of clubbing to marginalised and creative communities, how it can connect us to something bigger. Because we want to dance.

Watch Last Dance I and II online, in association with Boiler Room 4:3

Featuring: Odilia Egyiawan, Aimee Cliff, madison moore, Deano Jo, and Elijah.
Directors of photography: Harry Wheeler and Alex Reid.
Film editors: Alex Young and Luke Carlisle.
Music: Object Blue, Royal T, and DJ Boring.
Executive producers: Alli Beddoes, Emily Kyriakides, and Elijah.
Producers: Sian Habell-Aili and Jamilla Prowse
Director: Luke Carlisle



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