Tom Armitage introduces the Literary Operator, at Improving Reality 2013
Tom Armitage introduces the Literary Operator, at Improving Reality 2013



September 5 2013
Studio Theatre, Brighton

Holly Gramazio & Tom Armitage

Lighthouse's digital culture conference, Improving Reality, returned for a third year this September. Talks included tours through worlds that artists are growing rather than making, critical revelations of the systems and infrastructures that shape our world, and narratives of radical alternative futures.

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In between sessions, we were treated to presentations of interventions from artists and designers involved with Brighton Digital Festival.

Tom Armitage – The Literary Operator

Tom Armitage is a technologist, writer and designer based in London. He makes tools, toys, and art out of hardware, software, and the network. He is the maker of Tower Bridge / Making Bridges Talk (2008), Spirits Melted Into Air (2012) and many other works. Until 2012, Tom was a designer at Hide&Seek. He has spoken on technology, design, and games at conferences around the world, including at last year’s dConstruct in Brighton. Tom will be talking about The Literary Operator, a new project commissioned by Lighthouse, made in collaboration with the writer Jeff Noon, based on his writings for Twitter.

Holly Gramazio – Tiny Games

Holly Gramazio designs games for Hide&Seek, a studio based in London, that works at the point where games meet culture. Hide&Seek started life in 2007 as a festival of social games and playful experiences on London’s South Bank. In the last five years Hide&Seek have worked with Royal Opera House, eBay, Cadbury, the BBC, Warner Bros, Wieden & Kennedy and Film4. They also make their own games, such as Tiny Games, a collection of small, quick- to-understand games, that sit in the real world, inviting participation from interested passers-by. They sprang from the challenge of fitting a complete game into the 140 characters allowed by Twitter. Holly will speak about the series of Tiny Games Lighthouse has commissioned for Brighton Digital Festival 2013, that are dotted around Brighton’s city streets.

Improving Reality 2013 was part of Brighton Digital Festival 2013. It is run by members of Brighton’s arts and digital communities, administered by Wired Sussex in association with Lighthouse and supported by Arts Council England and Brighton & Hove City Council.

With thanks to Brighton Festival and Dome.

Improving Reality



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