Stills from Home courtesy Holly Herndon, Metahaven and RVNG, 2014
Stills from Home courtesy Holly Herndon, Metahaven and RVNG, 2014


Lighthouse co-production

17 September 2014

In a new international collaboration supported by Lighthouse, groundbreaking musician and artist Holly Herndon kisses goodbye to the NSA with new song HOME, released with an accompanying video directed by Dutch design studio Metahaven.

Stills from Home courtesy Holly Herndon, Metahaven and RVNG, 2014
Stills from Home courtesy Holly Herndon, Metahaven and RVNG, 2014

Holly Herndon and Metahaven create a response to the NSA revelations and the tensions between privacy and surveillance through our own personal devices.

Holly Herndon “breaks up” with intimate technology with a pioneering new song and music video featuring a “data rain” of symbols designed by Metahaven to create a kind of aesthetic outing of the NSA. Metahaven state: “The NSA spying on our network may have been tacitly known from reports going back as far as 2002, but the aesthetics of this surveillance were not so known. Code names, acronyms, icons and graphics from a shadow world designed to never be publicly exposed.” The pair premiered the video at this year’s Improving Reality conference, as part of Lighthouse’s programme for Brighton Digital Festival 2014.

Lighthouse Artistic Director Juha van ‘t Zelfde says: "Supporting this project is a dream come true for Lighthouse, and a sign of things to come. With ‘Home’, Holly Herndon and Metahaven have expressed what millions around the world feel: a mix of deep betrayal by the governments and a breech of trust by technology providers. ‘Home’ is break-up art in the age of mass surveillance. “Dear NSA – it’s over.’"

Of the project Holly Herndon says:
“For my debut album Movement, I communicated an intimacy with my laptop,” says Herndon “It is my instrument, memory, and window to most people that I love. It is my Home.”

“The ongoing NSA revelations have fundamentally changed this relationship. I entrusted so much in my device,” continues Herndon. “To learn this intimacy had been compromised felt like a grand betrayal. Is everything done privately on my laptop to be considered a public performance?”

“In ‘Home’, I address that invisible audience. It is a love song for prying eyes (an agent / a critic), and also a break up song with the devices with which I shared a naive relationship. There is something dramatic, teenage and vulnerable to this sensation – our relationships with these interconnected devices are still so young, so naive.”

Home is released by RVNG and is available in audio and visual forms.

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