Haunted Random Forest Festival
Haunted Random Forest Festival


22-23 APRIL 2017

We are pleased to host the Haunted Random Forest Festival, a weekend of installations and panel discussion exploring ways we understand and critique machine learning systems.

22-23 April 2017, 11-5pm – Free

Dark Age of Connectionism – Wesley Goatley
The Dark Age of Connectionism explores the hidden capacities of always-listening devices such as the Amazon Echo, and the capacities we have to unravel the hidden functions of the massive systems which underpin these devices.

An O.C.E.A.N of (Human) Fragments – Emma Harrison
This participatory artwork draws attention to the agencies we are capable of having online, and explores how our ‘displays of self’ on social media feed into more widespread political mechanisms.

Faces in the Clouds – Henry Cooke
When a machine can perceive the world, how does that perception compare to our own? An ongoing, automated exploration of pareidolia arising from machine perception.

Saturday 22 April 2017, 7-9pm – Free, advance booking essential.

An exploration of the human ‘ghosts’ that are present in the mechanisms of artificial intelligence and machine learning that increasingly permeate everyday life. From Google’s ‘Deep Dream’ system, the complex analytics of the Amazon Echo, to the near-ubiquity of Cloud computing, we rely increasingly on systems which are hidden from us, both in their physical location and in how they function. Featuring speakers: Natalie Kane, Ramon Amaro, Ruth Catlow.

MACHINE GHOSTS BRIGHTON TOUR – with Kat Braybrooke & Emma O’Sullivan
Saturday 22 April 2017, 4-6pm – Free, sign up here: bit.ly/HauntedRandom

This tour will take you on a journey through Brighton as an algorithmic playground, revealing hidden histories where the City is a Machine that writes and rewrites itself. Inspired by the playful critiques of psychogeography, moments of access, control and liberation will be exposed and discussed through the machines, networks and algorithms that we engage with on a daily basis. Together, we will explore creative and code-based urban spaces together, unearthing machine spirits, languages and loves.

Funded by Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex.



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