Photo courtesy of Leila Johnston
Photo courtesy of Leila Johnston


Lighthouse, Brighton

A boundary-disrespecting evening of art, technology and madness.

Hosted by ringmaster Leila Johnston and in partnership with Lighthouse Studio, Hack Circus is about fantasy technology and everyday magic.

The Hack Circus magazine, with chips to go
The Hack Circus magazine, with chips to go

Performers from across the country will come together to bring an exciting blend of speculative science, cultural history and the spirit of adventure in one boundary-challenging evening of doing things that you’re not supposed to.

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Celebrating the third publication of Hack Circus magazine, this special event will be exploring the weird and wonderful side of technology, including:

  • How to break into an airport
  • A military history of bulldozers
  • How to protect your spaceship from a laser assault
  • What happens to your brain when you look at a cat

Speakers include artist and photographer Sinead McDonald, former penetration tester Nick Drage, and researcher Ralph Harrington, with scientist Alexandra Pohl interviewed by Chris Farnell on her work developing a model for plasma forcefield to deflect lasers.

The third issue of Hack Circus magazine will also be on sale on the day at a discount.

Date: Saturday 14 June 2014
Time: 6pm
Tickets: £8
Booking: Eventbrite



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