Charlotte Austin & Kristin Magnuson
Charlotte Austin & Kristin Magnuson



SheSays Brighton Motivational Practical Workshop

This workshop will provide participants with practical tools to "Get Over It" and more importantly increase confidence and "Get On With It!"

Following on from the 12 January SheSays Brighton ‘Get Over It – Overcoming Obstacles’ Talk, Lighthouse is pleased to be hosting two workshops facilitated by Charlotte Austin and Kristin Magnuson offering more in-depth sessions for those needing further discussion around the topic and wishing to gain practical tools to be applied to everyday life.

About the Facilitators:
Charlotte Austin is a Performance and Development Consultant and prominent Executive Coach. She has worked with the BBC as a Vocal Coach and Producer for the past eight years, and writes regularly for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Before moving to Brighton and setting up her own consultancy, Charlotte was a Media Training Consultant, advising clients on how best to use their voices and body language to influence perceptions when in an interview, photograph or on the red carpet. She wanted to expand her knowledge in this field, and to work with people to increase confidence, gain cooperation, and to influence others. So, Charlotte trained with Carnegie University in Advanced Communication Skills and Relationship Building Techniques.

Charlotte is also a Personal Performance Coach, which means that if you’ve got a goal, she’ll work with you to achieve it more quickly and effectively than if you were to attempt to reach it alone. She works with people to achieve both personal and professional goals and travels the world designing and delivering workshops to businesses and social groups on topics such as Increased Confidence, Improved Communication, Presentations Skills, Effective Leadership, Relationship Building Techniques and Stress Anxiety and Worry Management.

Assisting Charlotte is Kristin Magnuson Creative Business Consultant. Kristin has worked for over 20 years in the creative industries, corporate entertainment and speaker sector. Throughout her time, she has worked as the right hand woman to Butch Vigg, Melvyn Bragg, Janet Street Porter and Harvey Goldsmith. She was an inaugural board member of Arts Depot and her events and projects have been experienced by participants on five continents.

Since moving to Brighton two and a half years ago, she has been very active in the local community and is the Founder of Books Actually and an active member of the local Montessori community. Having worked locally with People Who Do, she is now a consultant to the creative industries, including local music promoter Melting Vinyl.

This workshop will provide participants with practical tools to “Get Over It” and “Get On With It”.
This event is for both men and women.

Date: Monday 30 January 2012

Times: Workshop 1: 9.30am-12pm Workshop 2: 6pm-8.30pm
To accommodate participants schedules the workshop is available as a morning or afternoon session. Please sign up for one workshop only.

Venue: Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton BN1 4AJ




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