Fresh Docs
Fresh Docs


28 July - 8 August 2014

Documentary course for 15-19 year olds

Taking place at 7 Picturehouse Cinemas across the country, FRESH DOCS is an opportunity for young people to watch, discuss, learn about and make documentary film. Each location will see a series of films, talks, seminars and masterclasses totalling over 35 brilliant documentary films and more than 50 talks and masterclasses focused on the genre.

Fresh Docs
Fresh Docs

Lighthouse is pleased to be hosting a screening of Taking Liberties with Director Chris Atkins as part of the Fresh Docs Brighton programme on Tuesday 29 July.

The programme will run for two weeks over the summer holidays and involves watching, discussing and making documentaries. Participants get to meet directors and producers, and even a chance to make their own film.

Fresh Docs Brighton speakers include:
Chris Atkins – Director of Starsuckers and Taking Liberties
Elizabeth Wood – Founder of DocHouse
Jerry Rothwell – Director of A Town of Runners and Donor Unknown
Noel Goodwin – from the BFI Future Film Institute
Michele D’Acosta – Producer of Biggie and Tupac and Kurt and Courtney
Peter Cook – Film academic at York St John’s University

Fresh Docs is a new initiative from Picturehouse Education supported by Into Film screening and making documentary films for young people 15-19.

Fresh Docs



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