Rynth[n3] by Paul Prudence who performaned at Brighton Digital Festival 2011
Rynth[n3] by Paul Prudence who performaned at Brighton Digital Festival 2011


Performances by Quayola & Mira Calix, Paul Prudence & special guests

30 September 2011

An eye-popping array of audio-visual performances showing us where digital technology meets nature

The first ever Brighton Digital Festival 2011 was celebrated with a night of audio-visual delights and surprises, including stunning performances by audiovisual artists, Quayola & Mira Calix, and Paul Prudence.

Natures by Quayola and Mira Calix
Natures by Quayola and Mira Calix

Brighton Digital Festival went out out with a bang, a buzz and an eye-popping array of performances to dazzle the senses.
A brilliant line-up of audio-visual performers translated nature into immersive digital experiences. Data is Nature featured the Brighton premiere of Natures by renowned musician Mira Calix and visual artist Quayola. In this performance, the organic behaviours of plants became part of an audio-visual world where the natural and the artificial coexist harmoniously.
Data is Nature also included Paul Prudence, a London-based musician and visual artist, known for his stunning audio-visual performances, which use data visualisation and generative techniques to give us striking new views of nature.
Prudence also meditates on art, science and nature at his excellent blog, http://dataisnature.com, the inspiration for the title of the performances.

For a sneak preview of Natures, visit: http://www.quayola.com/selectedartworks/natures/
Read an interview with Quayola here: http://plazaplusfestival.wordpress.com/2009/12/23/interview-quayola/
Read an interview with Paul Prudence here: http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1979

Date: Friday 30 September 2011

Times: 8pm

Venue: Pavilion Theatre, 29 New Road, Brighton BN1 1UG

Tickets: £7 / £5 (concs)

Booking: http://brightondome.org/events/Data-is-Nature/4456

Data is Nature is part of the PARN project (Physical and Alternate Reality Narratives) which designs, develops, creates, exhibits and analyses contemporary forms for storytelling in a pan-European context. PARN as well as Data is Nature is made possible with the support of the Culture Programme (2007-2013) if the European Union.

Part of Brighton Digital Festival

Supported by Arts Council England

2011 ACE EU Supported



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