Kayle Brandon creating open-source cola.
Kayle Brandon creating open-source cola.



18-22 SEPTEMBER 2103


Cube-Cola are wildcrafting their own cola from an open source recipe, reverse-engineered from the original Coke. The project brings together tools and methods from the science lab, home kitchen and open source software to produce an iconoclast DIY soft drink.

Cube Cola Trading Post
Cube Cola Trading Post

Cube-Cola is an open source drink, developed at Bristol’s Cube Microplex from a recipe reverse-engineered from the original Coke. At Brighton Digital Festival, artists Kayle Brandon and Kate Rich will set up a Cube-Cola Trading Post on London Road for the making and drinking of open source beverages.

The Trading Post, stationed at ONCA Gallery from Sept 18-22, operated as a Cube-Cola factory, drinks bar and open shop. The artists and invited guests tunnelled deeper into the drink’s social and biological connections, experimenting with home-carbonation, street-trading, sugar and other antiheroes and open source colour. Cube-Cola worked with experts including students from Brighton and Portslade Aldridge Community Academies. Coffee from the Feral Trade network, traded over social networks, was also served.

Cube-Cola is a collaboration between Bristol-based artists Kate Rich and Kayle Brandon. They volunteer at Bristol’s Cube Cinema and are members of Irational.org, a transnational art collective. Their work deals with relationships to nature, urban space, animals, architecture, sports, finance, trade and survival. Cube-Cola has been produced and presented internationally in art museums and offices and is available anywhere by mail order. As a start-up beverage, Cube-Cola hacks into one of the dark icons of our age.

On Friday 20 September at 7pm, we held a DIY Party where Cube-Cola mixed up drinks and hacked carbonation. There was a talk and cocktail tastings from Francisco J. Fernández Gallardo, an engineer and imaginative technologist whose work addresses contemporary environmental challenges. Using Earth(x)Cola and Bloomingdales cocktails, Gallardo interfaced food-soil dynamics and the delicate plant/animal interactions in urban ecosystems through your tongue. He demoed recipes compiled in the biodiverCITY cocktail book which redesigns food as a medium of design, participation, pleasure and agency.

Plus, we showed a DIY 3D movie – Cube-Cola the Making of – with live score performed by zoo rock anti sound collective The Bubbles featuring members of professor Hesse and the Chimps and Sporting Rainbow.

The Cube-Cola Trading post ran from the ONCA Gallery in Brighton. ONCA is a network for art, ecology and conservation, staging exhibitions, workshops, performances and events that raise awareness for the changing environment and fund frontline conservation projects.

Trading Post Dates: Wednesday 18 – Sunday 22 September 2013, 11am-5pm

Trading Post DIY Party: Friday 20 September 2013, 7-9pm

Venue: The ONCA Gallery, 14 St George’s Place, Brighton, BN1 4GB

Entry: FREE

Cube-Cola Trading Post is part of Art at Work, a two-year programme of activities that builds the confidence, skills and knowledge of young people through workshops, events and projects. Art at Work is a collaboration between Lighthouse, Photoworks, The Aldridge Foundation, Brighton and Portslade Aldridge Community Academies, and Brighton & Hove City Council. It is supported by Arts Council England.

Cube-Cola Trading Post is part of Brighton Digital Festival 2013. It is run by members of Brighton’s arts and digital communities, administered by Wired Sussex in association with Lighthouse and supported by Arts Council England and Brighton & Hove City Council.




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