Creative JS for non-coders
Creative JS for non-coders


By Seb Lee-Delisle

10-11 DECEMBER 2012

Designers and artists can make the best creative coders, but coding can seem scary. This course was aimed at people with no coding experience at all, and want to learn JavaScript for the web.

Seb Lee-Deilsle
Seb Lee-Deilsle

Lighthouse was pleased to be hosting this course for non-coders taught by Seb Lee-Delisle.

“I’d always had a bit of a mental block about JavaScript, but that’s well and truly gone after Seb’s course. And it was great fun too.” – Bruce Lawson, Author “Introducing HTML5”

This workshop was different – every concept and principle we learnt about was visual. We learnt about variables by changing the position of rectangles. We learnt about loops by making multiple shapes on the screen. Arrays and animation with particle systems, and logic and objects with a simple game engine. Most of the examples were using canvas, and by the end of the workshop, everyone was amazed at their experiments and well on their way to becoming an accomplished creative coder.

No coding experience was required. None! If you’ve done a bit of HTML or CSS that’ll probably be helpful though. It’s a relaxed, friendly environment where you are free to learn and experiment within a small class size.

Seb Lee-Delisle is a creative coder, speaker and teacher, working across platforms including JavaScript, Processing and openFrameworks. He works to bring people together with large scale installations like PixelPhones, interactive firework displays or glow-stick voting systems.

Date: 10-11 December 2012

Venue: Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ



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